Thursday, 21 February 2013

You make me crazy but I love you

COW Lock- In

Last week I was invited to the Sheffield COW lock-in on West Street. Never wanting to pass up an opportunity to pretend to be a student again (hello discount) I trotted up to West Street for an evening of bargain vintage hunting, red bull and indie DJs.

I love a mooch round COW, whether I'm in Birmingham, Sheffield or Nottingham. It has slowly but surely become the recognisable vintage destination of choice for anyone and everyone. In my wardrobe I collect floral midi skirts and of course dirt cheap second hand levis shorts, but I've always been slightly more on the conservative side of vintage. I wish I had the guts to be a complete rework follower but I guess I just love the high street too much to boycott Topshop completely.

COW Lock- InCOW Lock- InCOW Lock- InCOW Lock- In

Fairly heavy photo-post today but there was just too many pretty things not to share! With the relatively recent launch of their website, COW are here to stay. I love the independence that every store has; the layout and feel of a unit is different in each city, and every team has their own design and amendment team to create one-off reworked pieces, inspired by high street trends.

It's a refreshing change from smelly, saggy, charity shop cast offs that call themselves "vintage". I don't think COW claims to stock only the finest pieces at least x decades old, but it doesn't have to. The reworking makes it a destination to pick up something old with a modern twist. I totally loved the floral minis as seen above, and the homemade tie-dye denim range. The whole place is so colourful and comfortably chaotic - it's like being in a wardrobe den on a mission to find the treasure.

I tried on both the shirt and skirt as seen above (love a bit of print clash!) and came away with a couple of pieces I'll be styling over the next few outfit posts. And Hannah had to tear me away from those adorable slippers!

Much more to come from COW on the blog over the next few weeks - but I will say that if you've walked past the neon yellow signs once or twice and have carried on past, you're missing out. It's a little slice of beloved, affordable nostalgia, and it's lovely.

I'm off to Paris early tomorrow so this will be the last you hear from me for a couple of days! Back Sunday, no doubt with a suitcase full of pastry and a camera full of Parisian photographs.
Claire x


  1. Paris very noice. Cow seems pretty cool, i've found a few bits in there before. decent jackets I find, nice wooly ones

  2. ah mittens yes, my dr said that too actually. must be something to do with skin touching or something? Is Si a male? apparently it's not that common in men

  3. Cow looks amazing! I love vintage shops but everytime I go in one I always end up leaving with something ~ which is dangerous aha. Hopefully there's one in London :)

    Have fun in Paris!

    Carmen Ri.

  4. I adoreeeee Cow in Sheffield but I have to try and avoid it as I'm pretty skint/trying to save at the moment! I love what you wore and the pieces you picked from Cow are great! [: xx

  5. Oh no, I'm gutted there's not a COW near me!
    I'm going to trawl the website now,

    Rosie x

  6. Have fun in Paris!! I loved Sheffield Cow when I visited... wish there was one in London, but it would probably not be the same- overpriced and filled with annoying scenester types.. xx

  7. Rakastan blogeja, ehdottomasti saada paljon inspiraatiota niistä. Lisäksi käsittelyssä kommentteja muodin ja kodin ja huivit, todella mielenkiintoista.vintage heaven

  8. There are some great (and super cheap) vintage shops in the Hotel de Ville area of Paris (at the base of the Sacre Coeur, there are a few in the cute streets around there!

    Claire x

  9. I've never been! Alas though vintage/charity shops don't work for me, I need someone to take me in and show me the ropes as everytime I attempt to rummage I just get covered in dust and become angry!


  10. Hope you have an amazing time in Paris!

    Maria xxx

  11. Sad I missed you at the lock in. I got some real bargain too.

    Hope you enjoyed Paris xx

  12. I love the look of all those clothes in that shop!

    New follower here :)

  13. OMG the dungarees on the wall, this shop is so cool! If I'm ever there, this is the first place I'm going too. x


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