Sunday, 3 March 2013

I want to ride my bicycle

Happy Sunday my lovelies. I've had a couple of days away from the blog after last week's post. I got so much love after airing my anxiety about my blog, it genuinely made me feel so much better, so thankyou.

Today I'm already in my pyjamas and I don't plan on doing much else other than snooze and maybe stick Amelie on to reminisce about my weekend in the beautiful French capital.

I want to ride my bicycleI want to ride my bicycleI want to ride my bicycle
Military boots - Next
Faux leather leggings - c/o Mary Jane Fashion
Bicycle print vest - c/o Ravi Famous
Marl blazer - New Look

Just a quick outfit post today - I threw this on to go and have a coffee with my friend yesterday and for a thoroughly unplanned ensemble I quite like it! This is my favourite new jacket from New Look, it's really lightweight so was great to wear out on the town with Katy, Kim and Eloise last night.

I've started collecting bits and pieces for summer, because all I seem to have in my wardrobe is black, navy, black, and more black. This bicycle print vest from Ravi Famous was the perfect find, I've also got my eye on this paper boat one too to wear with a floral skirt and converse.

I'm just about nodding now so I should probably sign off.... more to come this week! :)
Claire x


  1. OMGosh, those leggings are amazing! Love them.

    The Style Rawr!

  2. Love this outfit, that blazer is gorgeous xx

  3. i love those boots so much. and yes your post last week as a really lovely post to read and very honest. xxx

  4. You look great. I love the simplicity of this top!

    - Tabitha at x

  5. Gorgeous outfit Claire, you look awesome :). I'm in dire need of brighter clothes... there's so much black in mine at the moment its like looking into a black hole every time I open my wardrobe!
    Kaz x

  6. Love your outfit, especially the top! :)

  7. how cuteee, you look so pretty and the outfit is perfect. xxxx

  8. LOVE that top, you look incredible and I'm glad to see you posting x

  9. I love this, the t shirt is so cute xo

  10. Claire you're such a sweetheart! Rocking the leather!

  11. ooh I like that blazer, I'm after a new one and hadn't thought to check New Look.. glad you had a good night out last night ;) xx

  12. Love that jacket! they have one just like this in Topshop which I bet is about 3 times the price xx

  13. I really love this outfit, especially your bicycle vest...too cute! Glad you're feeling better about your blog because it's one of my faveeees xxx

  14. LOVE this whole outfit! You look lovely :) was so good to see you this weekend! xx

  15. You look AMAZING, totally in love with your hair too!

    Maria xxx

  16. I have that exact same tee! I bought it from a stall at V Fest last year. LOVE IT! Will definitely be getting it out of the wardrobe when the sun starts to shine again...

    My latest post ** Little Black Dress: Outfit 1 **
    Lots of love, M

  17. nice modern frame you're sporting there.

    glad you liked the wall frame, pinterest is the best place for inspiration. moving in sounds grand. ok, i look forward to the email.


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