Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Style City: my blog in Sheffield's Exposed magazine

EDIT: I've had a bit of a blog redesign.... what do you think?! I wanted something new to coincide with my renewed passion for blogging generally - I aimed for a bit more "grown up" ha!

Stop for a moment and try and work out how many words you write each day. Even if you're not a blogger, include your texts, emails, letters, essays, dissertations, press releases, homework.

Writing is my job - I spend most of my day writing articles, case studies, news stories, social media strategy, and of course fashion blog posts, many of which don't actually appear on my beloved Jazzpad.....

Exposed March 2013

Here's a scan of my recent inclusion in Sheffield's Exposed magazine, the March 2013 edition. It always gives me butterflies seeing my name in print (even if they missed out the "i" in Claire, ugh!), and hopefully it's set to be on the increase over the next few months.

If you fancy having a peek at even more of my ramblings, if you're a fellow Sheffield-head like me, or you just want a taste of what my favourite city has to offer, I'd love it if you take a look at my Style City blog. Not only can you pick up the magazine for free around the city, my very own Exposed fashion blog ranges from street style to independent brands based right here in Steel City - it's a little bit of what I fancy, and I hope you like it too.

Tell me what you like to write about best, and where I can read it! :)
Claire x


  1. That's great, congratulations! :)

  2. This is really awesome, I'm going to have a look at your Style City blog right now! xxx

  3. looks wicked Claire, it must be mad seeing it for real. makes it all worth while

  4. I love the new blog layout :) Looks great and definitely going to check out the Style City Blog! x


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