Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Cosmic Love | Naive Melodies jewellery

Galaxy print & Naive MelodiesGalaxy print & Naive Melodies

Hello lovelies! From these photographs you wouldn't have thought it was April would you? I'm really loving the lighter evenings now, I actually went to a beer garden in the SUNSHINE last week and wore shoes WITHOUT SOCKS which was just mind-blowing.

Today's outfit post is definitely one of my faves over the past few weeks, though I'm proud to say I don't think I'm especially "fashionable" in this. Style bloggers might not always get their ensembles 'right' in the eyes of the fash-un elite, but I certainly don't care. When I'm wearing clothes which make me happy (hello whiter than white trainers), that is good enough for me.

Galaxy print & Naive Melodies
White high tops - c/o Spartoo
Galaxy print leggings - gift
Denim shirt dress - c/o COW
Black shirt - Primark
Leather jacket - Warehouse
Jewellery - c/o 
Naive Melodies

I'm wearing my amazing new galaxy print leggings, a birthday present from my girl Kate. Aren't they amazing? We've been best friends for 8 years now (wowza) and though we'd both agree our tastes in clothes are pretty different, she always picks things out for me I'll love. N'aww.

My layered jewellery comes courtesy from one of my April sponsors - lovely Lou from Naive Melodies. Her Etsy boutique was set up in Sheffield (yay!) and is brimming with geometric brass pieces, and are perfect for layering if, like me, you have a borderline obsession for wearing all of your favourite things at once.

This week I am mainly getting my run on in my Reeboks for the Couch to 5k challenge, catching up on a million and one blogs (leave me your links in the comments below), and getting into the swing of things for my diary of press days. Tomorrow I'm heading to London for Motel and AX Paris, who will I be seeing there?


  1. I agree I think you should wear what makes YOU happy, if we dressed the same it'd be super boring. But I think you look as fab as always anyway! xxx

  2. waaaah can't get the time off for tomorrow :(

  3. I love it when friends manage to find something you'll love, even though your tastes are so different that you'd be unlikely to raid each other's wardrobes!

  4. Love the leggings! Friends always come through!

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  5. ahh those shoes are bloody goooooood. I really want some all white high tops!
    Ooo I am off to AX as well I'm scared shitless though haha first ever event.

  6. loove the leggings w/the white kicks.


  7. I have some serious love for those leggings! x

  8. I really like this outfit it looks lovely on you x

  9. I always love what you wear, you just seem so comfortable in your skin and it is inspiring!

    Maria xxx

  10. Frikkin' love Reebok high tops.. I have three pairs and am seriously considering another!!



  11. check you out in the old reeboks, i used to have thee same pair with a gum sole. i was so street

  12. pretty necklace xx


  13. Love this outfit, especially the leggings! I wore shoes without socks yesterday, I might have exclaimed "LOOK you can see my FEET!" and scared the other half a bit. Oops. xx


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