Sunday, 7 April 2013

Earning my stripes | Uniqlo tunic & Next clutch


I can't remember the last time I did a style outfit post, which obviously means I've been walking around naked in a hoody and jeans for the past week or so. In truth, I've been going through my wardrobe in an attempt to cut down, but all of what I'm wearing here are new-ish, surprise surprise!

Uniqlo has to be one of my favourites. I swoon over every new collection (and HOW gorgeous did Liv and co. look in the recent Celia campaign?) and everything is just so easy to wear. This blue and white tunic was part of a recent splurge that I've been wearing over leggings, and with trainers is probably the closest I will get to "sports-luxe".

Sports stripes
Blue and white tunic - Uniqlo
White clutch - Next
Trainers - c/o Spartoo

My laser-print bag is from Next, masquerading as a clutch when it's actually an iPad case. It has been on my Pinterest wishlist for weeks, and with the boss talking about iPads all round at work if we hit target (fingers crossed people), maybe I've been a little too quick off the mark.

I've been doing shedloads of social media strategising at work which has made life, the universe and everything, seem utterly pointless. I love tweeting about shoes as much as the next fashion blogger, but thinking about optimised content and scheduling and targets just turns my brain to mush. I've definitely felt like hiding away, so this weekend I escaped in my book, away from new media and away from google analytics.

Happy Sunday guys! 


  1. I was looking at this bag the other day , it is so pretty :) Lovely outfit !

    Beautiful Dreams

  2. that is a very cute outfit!!! xx

  3. Love that clutch!
    Happy Sunday :)

    Rosie x

  4. Really love the top, especially the oversized look of it :)

  5. This top is really unique and I'm loving the clutch! Elle have done a version with Next, right? Either way, I need to get down there and have a look!

    - Tabitha at x

  6. Love this outfit! Can never go wrong with stripes!

  7. love this look a lot, especially the bag!

    xx, Sabinna and David
    Broken Cookies

  8. nice monochrome outfit! Urgh Google analytics has been the bane of my life before, good to get away from it for a while! xx

  9. I love the trainers with this outfit. x

  10. oooh very nice clutch, Clarks do shoes with the same laser cut on them I think x

  11. That tunic is gorgeous!! Such an effortlessly cool look x

  12. You look beautiful here, I feel your pain on analytics et al!

    Maria xxx

  13. Love this outfit! That tunic looks great, I really wish there was a Uniqlo in Cardiff ordering online just isn't as fun.
    Nina from little nomad

  14. Aww this really suits you! Wish my boss would suggest us all being given iPads... can guarantee it'd never happen in my job but a girl can dream hey!
    Kaz x

  15. Love this!
    Annie xx

  16. uniqlo, my favourite shop, done.

  17. Love the top! its a nice change to just a stripy top.. Great outfit xx


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