Friday, 12 April 2013

Motel Rocks | SS13 Press Day

This week has been a blur! On Thursday evening I left the cosy familiarity of Sheffield and went down to London for a couple of fashion press days. Motel and AX Paris both fell on the same afternoon which was awesome for me as it meant I could blog about both!

This was my first Motel event - despite being a teamer and a top blogger for ages I had never been free to check out their style previews, so it was great to see Selina and of course next season's offerings....

Motel press day SS13Motel press day SS13Motel press day SS13
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The 90s don't even seem that long ago and yet it's amazing how nostalgic I felt for Dream Phone and Backstreet Boys at the Motel press day! The newest collection was displayed alongside a teenage girls bedroom circa '94, and my GOD did it take me back. The return of the scrunchie and grunge has divided the fash-pack but I'm all for a little nineties revival, me. I'm still learning more about the music I was too young to truly appreciate (I'm looking at you Brett Anderson), and I'm at my mostest happiest when I'm skipping about in me denim overalls, so y'know, in many ways not that much has changed.

The SS13 preview from Motel was ALL OVER our childhood decade. Tie dye, fluoro, smiley faces, crops. You name it, Gwen Stefani would've worn it. I didn't trust myself enough to get a henna tattoo (work the next day sad face), but it's fine because I was too busy cooing over the denim shirt dresses and unicorn-print dresses. Plus I got to catch up with Lyzi and saw Hannah, Laura and Becca too ftw.

Don't forget folks, you can get a cheeky 20% off by entering the code "jazz_pad" at the checkout. How had I forgotten that most things were squeaky, plastic, and blow-up in those days, and why?


  1. loving the 90s bedroom complete with vhs and polly pockets!

  2. Ha, I love the 90's bedroom! It looks all too familiar. Talking of squeaky plastic, I actually had a blow-up backpack - so stylish! xxx

  3. This looked uh-mazing! Romeo + Juliet and Britneeeeeey! <3


  4. looks like loads of fun <3 this deffo brings me back, I had Leo and the Spice Girls on my wall!x

  5. I'm so gutted I had to miss out on this - it looks like a complete dream!

  6. Looks amazing! I love the look of that fluffy green jumper too.
    90s all the way,

    Rosie x

  7. Ahhhh the paisley print dungarees I spy in the first picture look bloody amazing, I need them in my life!
    I wish I'd been a teen in the 90's sometimes- we definitely missed out on some good music (I would absolutely love to have seen Pulp in their heyday) because we were too young and too busy dancing around our bedrooms to the Spice Girls...not that there was anything wrong with that mind you!
    Kaz at Sunshine Days x

  8. I LOVE the concept for this, the 1994 bedroom setup... so awesome and inspiring. I've come back to this post a few times today because I love your photos so much! also the collection looks the bomb, super excited to check it out when its available online wooOoo :D

  9. Some of the new clothes look lovely! :)
    Wish I'd got a henna!

  10. Suede! I love brett anderson
    This looks like such a fun press day, looks like you had a lovely time!


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