Tuesday, 23 April 2013

My lovely April sponsors

I wouldn't be able to blog about as many awesome events without the help of my lovely sponsors.  Their support means I can check out more independent brands and boutique launches from Sheffield and across the UK, so I owe a big, sloppy kiss of thanks to them.

COW Vintage - I'm hugely excited to announce I'm now one of their regional blogger ambassadors for Sheffield! COW was my first introduction to vintage in Nottingham, and I love the way they take  the time to rework original pieces to bring them back up to date.

Naive Melodies - It wouldn't be right without a Sheffield-based sponsor, right? I blogged about Lou's gorgeous jewellery at the start of the month, and got a fantastic reaction of her geometric, bronze pieces. Check out her Etsy store to find some truly original jewellery.

No Clothing - This brand also has a massive following in my home town, with recent collaborations with local band Girls on Drugs. Their grungey, homemade t-shirts look awesome on both guys 'n gals, and if you want to spread the word yourself, grab a pack of No Clothing stickers for your own city.

Tentative Decisions - These are a firm favourite in the blogosphere, so if you haven't already heard of them I'll be very surprised! You're sure to find something you like in this beautiful range of handmade raw crystal jewellery, I especially love the shield rings which are so sweet!

The Sopho Diaries - This dreamy blog belongs to Sophs, a final year student with a love of English Lit and vintage furniture. Check out her latest post documenting make-up advice to her teenage self - I definitely found myself nodding along!

Prototype Magazine - Last but by no means least, Prototype Magazine is the eye-catching publication that is beyond a zine but still manages to retain that indie feel. With a love of all things arty, I'll be reviewing the latest issue over the next couple of weeks, so watch this space!

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  1. gotta have those sponsors, defo nice to have one hometown based. not been in cow for ages


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