Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Dare to bare | COW cropped t-shirt

COW crop topCOW crop top
Afternoon chickens, who else has the post- Bank Holiday blues? We took these outfit snaps last week when it was actually warm enough to bare a little flesh, the irony being that I'm now typing this blog wrapped up so tightly in all the knits I can find! Sodding England.

This is my new reworked t-shirt from COW, which shows off about as much skin as I'll dare, unless of course I'm flat out on a beach somewhere (damn you Gem for putting Mexico ideas into my head....). At first, it was quite unnerving feeling a draft up my back when usually I'm a stickler for oversized and tucking anything and everything in! However, when worn with my lovely new "Mom" jeans from trusty Toppers, the midriff/material ratio is once more in harmony. And I'm kinda in love with the combination!

COW crop top
Cropped t-shirt - c/o COW
High waisted Mom jeans - Topshop
Studded belt - my friend Hannah's (shhh)
Leather converses- c/o Spartoo

I think cropped t-shirts like this is the way to go. And, I might be late to the acid wash high waisted party but quite frankly I don't care, there's enough denim to go around. With jeans like this which actually hide my cake baby and pretend that the "running" I have been doing is making some sort of difference! Note, it hasn't, I'm just out of breath for longer, more often. And at serious risk of TMI I've had muscle twinges in my groin which I have read are not good. I have just bought some new running trainers which I hope will prevent shin splints and stuff, so we're getting there! Look at me writing an entire paragraph about putting one foot in front of another *slaps face*

More tomorrow!


  1. I really like this look.
    It's so cool and laid back :)
    I need to get my hands on a pair of those jeans!

    Leah x


  2. I really like the cropped trend! x

  3. This looks great on you. I bought a crop top recently but I'm too scared to wear it outside the house! x

  4. Claire you're rocking those jeans!

  5. I love your outfit, and the mom jeans.


  6. Gorgeous outfit, love those jeans!xx


  7. Amazing combination, one in which I would try to wear to wear in all the weather conditions that England tries to throw. In want of some 'mom' jeans!!


  8. You look AMAZING...and I'd love your figure! x

  9. You look gorgeous! The top looks so good with those jeans xo

  10. Love this outfit. That top is perfect with the Mom jeans. x

  11. You look fab Claire! I also recently braved the crop top but usually prefer everything tucked in and bundled up in cosy oversized things, but I think wearing it with something heigh waisted is definitely the way to go!

    louisejoyb x

  12. Love your style!

    I'm your latest followers on gfc and bloglovin :)


  13. I definitely laughed out loud at your running experience so far. I am definitely not a runner but have had a few failed attempts. It's just not my cup of exercising tea.
    I'm so into that crop top & those jeans on you!
    such a good combo!

  14. Mom jeans!! you are the only person that I've seen wear these that can carry them off well. I bet I've still got a studded belt lurking in a cupboard from my days of loving Brand New and TBS in 2003. Want to dig it out now... xx

  15. i love the cropped shirt! so chic!

  16. Look at you and your tiny midriff being all at one with eachother! Me and my midriff aren't on speaking terms.
    Love the outfit! xx

  17. Why hello there, your midriff looks so tiny!! I love the contrast with the jeans (don't know why toppers couldn't call them "Mum" jeans though..xx

  18. You look so cool and comfy! I miss the sun too :( xxx

  19. Oh Claire bear you look amazing, wish I had your figure!

    Maria xxx

  20. You have the perfect figure for rockin' mum jeans! <3


  21. running is hard dude, i've tried to get into it but every time fail. 5/10 mins im cool with, anymore and it's a right task. lets see these trainers


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