Sunday, 2 June 2013

#boohooDIY | Times are hard for dreamers


A couple of weeks ago, Boohoo got in touch with me and a whole load of other bloggers to be involved in their #boohooDIY festival project. I jumped at the chance - any excuse to use glitter glue and I'm all ears!

I customised my t-shirt with the glitter glue, though the festival pack came with an assortment of gems and studs too so I have lots more to experiment with in the future! I wanted to create an individual design that would mean something to me, so I was inspired by one of my favourite films, Amelie, and the quote "Les temps sont durs pour les reveurs" which means "times are hard for dreamers".

White converses - c/o Spartoo
Denim jacket - Topshop
Galaxy print leggings - birthday gift
#boohooDIY t-shirt - c/o Boohoo

I'm not doing any festivals this year down to a lack of pennies, but in my Glasto and Latitude experience, festival-wear has been all about layering. As long as you've got appropriate shoes and a good waterproof coat, you're good to go. Add to that a can of Batiste, copious amounts of cider and suncream, and you're onto a winner!


  1. Wow this looks soo nice! If I did this it would be wonky or smudged or something haha.

  2. Love it - I would never have got the text so neat!

    Kathryn x

  3. love this, you are very neat. I couldn't ever do anyting like this, it would looks like a dogs dinner!

  4. Love that film, and that quote from it :) the tee is great :) x

  5. Wow, you have mad neat skills, if I did this it would be such a mess! x

  6. nice leggings <3 <3 <3

    anyway girls, i am hosting an oasap giveaway on my blog.
    Feel free to join

    I've got to do mine next weekend and I think I know what I'm going to do already ;)
    I'm really impressed with how steady your hand must be, the lettering is perfect!! good job! And Amelie is defs one of my fave films too ;)


  8. this is such a cute idea and perfect for a festival :) i love the slouchy look of the t-shirt xx

  9. This looks really lovely - such a cute idea xo

  10. Looks amazing, so impressive! Love your leggings too :) x

  11. I can't afford to do any holidays or festivals either (booo) but I love this tshirt! x

  12. What a cute saying, you wrote it so perfectly too! Super cute leggings.


  13. This is amazing! I saw Amelie for the first time recently (!) and I really loved it!

    Maria xxx


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