Sunday, 30 June 2013

Dip dye | Barrie Stephen Salons

Dip dye hairDip dye hair

I've had many hair colours and styles over the years, but the one which has endured for the longest is dip dye. It's still my most popular ever post, which makes me think you guys haven't lost the love for it either.

Last week I went to visit the shiny revamped Barrie Stephen salon in Leicester for a proper pampering session, so it was the perfect opportunity to get my locks revamped too.

Dip dye hair

I was looked after by one of their stylist's Annie, who I clicked with straight away and didn't even mind when she had to brush out the backcombing to get the ombre right *shudders* Before my cut and colour I sat down for a chat with the team and was shown around their new colour lounge upstairs which was rather swish! 

I'm a low maintenance kind of girl and was drooling over the likes of Drew Barrymore in this photograph all week, so dip dye was definitely the way to go. Annie has left much of my original hair colour the same at the roots, with three colours graduated all of the way down. And haven't they done the most amazing job? I'm absolutely in love with the results, when I walked out it honestly felt like I had filmstar hair! 

Thank you so much to the team at Barrie Stephens who were absolutely lovely, I'm thrilled with my new blondilocks and I've had nothing but compliments from my work pals about it - you did a great job! 


  1. Your hair looks great! I wish I wasn't blonde sometimes because dip dye just wouldn't look right on me!!Xx

    Lucy Cole | A UK Fashion Blog

  2. Your hair looks amazing! Really suits you. xxx

  3. Gosh I hadn't even realised how long your hair is! I love the ombre locks on you, blonde really suits you!

    Louise x
    The Little Things

  4. This is so lovely! Really suits you! :)

  5. You look so friggin' good blonde! BAAABE <3 I love it! I really want mine lighter for that sun kissed, summer look. Should probably go seek professional help like yourself but I will most probably try and do it myself!

  6. Oh Claire your hair looks gorgeous!

  7. You have THE perfect ombre! Share :)

  8. Wow, your hair is so long now! It looks amazing, I'm so jealous of people who can pull off blonde dipdye! x

  9. This is BEAUTIFUL, best dip dye I've seen in a long time x

  10. looks luverly, can't believe how long it is either. Looking good xx

  11. I was just blog-hopping when I stumbled across this post. It looks gorgeous! I've been thinking about dip-dying for a while now too (also drooling over Drew Barrymore looks!) and this is definitely made me want to do it even more.
    Celia x

  12. I would've been terrified but your hair looks AMAZING. Probably my favourite ombre'd hair ever!? Yum.


  13. Oh your hair looks AMAZING and it really is long, I'm super jealous!

    Maria xxx

  14. looks well good my friend, I didn't realise your hair was so long.

  15. You look lovely blondie! Hope you're well sweets x

  16. Hello Claire,
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    Thank you very much!

    Lou ♥
    Ps:Your hair looks absolutely amazing!

  17. yours looks really healthy, i was really considering it but i've seen some badly cared for ones.. you've put the decision back on the list! soo summery!
    girl from the third floor

  18. Your hair looks fantastic. I'm so jealous.


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