Monday, 17 June 2013

Lacoste x #StyleInChelsea with Caggie & Rosie

I am a big Made in Chelsea fan. In fact, I don't think "fan" quite covers the amount I am in love with this programme. I was hooked from the very beginning, with Ollie and Gabriella and Spencer and Caggie and Hugo and Millie. Their whole luxury lifestyle seemed so far removed from mine and yet it is so entertaining watching them grapple with the same problems of relationships and friends and regrettable nights out, just like the rest of us!

With this in mind, I am incredibly proud to share with you my recent project with Lacoste, when I spent the evening last night chatting with Caggie Dunlop and Rosie Fortescue about all things fashion and style related on the Google + webchat!

With lovely Marleigh Price directing the questions throughout, check out the above video to see Corrie, Demi, Rachel and I chatting all about the ethics of second hand fur, our personal fashion icons and which era we most wish we had experienced. It also gave me a good excuse to peruse the Lacoste website, where I kinda fell in love with their sports bags, especially this beautiful transparent one!

I'm a bit disappointed I didn't speak up as in the video I sound quite quiet in comparison with the other girls (unusual I know) but please give it a watch and see what you think! Lastly, a big thankyou to Matt and everyone at Lacoste for organising a fab event. Despite the technical difficulties it was a lot of fun and the MIC were absolute babes.

So who's watching the finale tonight?!


  1. omg that's so kool you got to do that! I'm so "jel"
    excuse the essex pun ;)
    love the design of your bog! you defo have a new follower xxx

  2. Soo jealous!
    Im obsessed with made in Chelsea too!


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