Saturday, 15 June 2013

My awesome Dad

Tomorrow is the day we're meant to throw our arms around our Dads and smack a kiss on their cheeks for being so awesome. I'm heading home to see him, and I remembered that last year I posted some old snaps of my Mum, and today I'll do the same for her other half too. I'm a very lucky girl for having a Dad who is genuinely this cool!


Despite being a big burly hairy rugby player, he has a heart of absolute gold. We've had our shouty moments (me) and our overprotective ones (him), but to this day he's still the best bloke I know. He's always got my back for advice or a bear hug, he is incredibly kind and he is always the person his friends come to for help. I'll igonore his tendency to put waaaay too much chilli in food, and forgive his taste in Simply Red - he has pretty much set the bar for how I expect all men to be, and has picked up to pieces at times when I've been disappointed.

Dad - you're fab. Thanks for looking after me, I might be a grown up now who pretends to be independent but I'll always be your little girl with the bowl cut and striped shorts.


  1. Aww this is adorable! He is a cool dad :) have a lovely father's day with him! xo

  2. Aww he sounds lovely, I can definitely see a family resemblance! :)

    Maria xxx


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