Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Nautical layers | Chi Chi

Chi Chi cobalt blue dressChi Chi cobalt blue dress

Morning folks! I've been waiting quite some time to post these outfit snaps, but I was hanging on for a sunny day! I'm wearing my gorgeous new Chi Chi dress which is so blue it really did cry out to be paired with stripes for a nautical theme. You can only see the skirt half in these pictures but the top half is beautifully embroidered too. It's probably too dressy for workwear so I've dressed it down today with my trusted Urban Outfitters cropped jumper and beloved Hey Sailor necklace.

This could be one of my favourite outfit posts for a while. It's very representative of my daily style - layering, oversized, loose and easy. I've tried to inject some more colour into my wardrobe for the sunnier months - though I know lots of you are craving Autumn already!

Chi Chi cobalt blue dressChi Chi cobalt blue dress
Cropped stripe jumper - Urban Outfitters
Cobalt blue dress worn as a skirt - c/o Chi Chi

Triangle necklace - c/o Hey Sailor
White Reebok trainers - c/o Spartoo

I also got lots of comments about my frilled ankle socks under my shoes! They do hark back to old school days don't they? I'm currently chilling out after a pretty stressful day yesterday, it was my appraisal at work and I'd been panicking about it pretty much ALL weekend. It's such a grown up thing to do, to sit down with your boss and look at your target goals for the next 6 months in the workplace. I was anxious there would be so many criticisms of my experience so far but luckily it went pretty smoothly and I can go back to my desk safe in the knowledge I still have a job, ha!

You might have also seen this week I was up in Sheffield covering the graduate fashion show on Friday. I was blown away by the design talent that the students displayed, and I can't wait to share the snaps with you guys!


  1. I love those frilly socks and the whole nautical vibe you've got going on! Such a yummy blue colour.

    P.S I just want to say a huge thank you for my goodies, they arrived at the weekend! :) <3


  2. I always stress out about appraisal but it never goes badly, just going to be calm next year. Whats the worst that could happen? lose my job? I'll just move up north and play tambourine in a band (my new life plan) I do love your frilly socks, I've got a black pair but need a cute white pair for summer x

  3. Ahh it's such a lovely dress and works so well with the stripes. I'm always a bit hopeless at layering over dresses. x

  4. Nice outfit!

    I have tried on creepers and trainers with socks and I just can't bring myself to wear it! A bit to cutesy for my style I think ;)

    But you pull it off nicely and it matches the nicely dress too,,,, you look fab

    X Karen @ Quarter-Life Creative

  5. Glad your appraisal went well, they are always so nerve-wracking!

    Maria xxx

  6. So glad your appraisal went well Claire! I knew you were a little star!

  7. Nice Skirt and shoes.


  8. Cute trainers, look great with the socks! I love that jumper as well x


  9. that top is so cool and slouchy! xo

  10. Loving the outfit esp how you've added a bit of edginess with the retro Reeboks - girl after my own heart! great style xx


  11. ooh well done on the appraisal, they are really nerve wracking! I'm also keen on the baggy top over dress combo, love the colours here :) xx

  12. I love this, it's cute but edgy! I love the shoes xo

  13. Oh hi pretty thing. Love this outfit, you look amazing. Gorgeous <3 x


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