Monday, 24 June 2013

Skincare for acne rosacea | Part I

After dealing with skin problems for over a decade, last year I took the plunge and visited a sk:n clinic to let a professional loose on my pores. I have incredibly sensitive skin which is pretty sundamaged, freckly and easily irritated. I experience rash-like symptoms when I get hot, stressed or drink alcohol. I'm covered in scars all over my body from my clumsiness and various accidents. Needless to say my skin is not quite my favourite part of my body!

If you suffer from the odd spot, chances are this post isn't really for you, but for the type of skin I have, and more specifically, the condition acne rosacea I have to deal with, there are a few ways of looking after it I thought I would share with you.

Kind and gentle
I look at my skin and it flares up. Seriously. It's a shy organ. I've found therefore, that I have to be pretty careful what I slap on. I try and drink as often as I can, balancing my tea obsession with plenty of water, and I veer away from heavy make up - MUCH prefering to let my poor skin breathe, regardless of coverage or appearance. It might not be pretty but healthy skin is happier skin, right? Lately, I've been really liking the Etat Pur micellar cleansing water (2.) and the Simple deep cleansing face mask (3.). I'm yet to find a moisturiser that gives a good enough SPF but isn't greasy - so recommendations please!

Talk to your GP
One of the ways rosacea can be controlled (because, unfortunately, it can't be cured completely) is with a topical solution. When I was a teenager I tried a dalycin topical water which worked WONDERS, and now I'm in my 20s and my hormones have calmed down a bit (ahem), I'm using a milder cream solution with the same antibiotic (1.). It's worth noting an antibiotic is only a short-term solution as bacteria can build up a resistance to medicated wash after a certain amount of time, but if you're having a particularly stressful or bad year, this is worth a try.

Deep cleaning
Every now and again, a luxurious deep clean can really make a difference. If you're wondering how to get rid of blackheads, last year I had a glycolic peel which is one of the skin peels sk:n clinics offer. It's a mild acid which removes the layer of dead skin cells on your skin. Dead cells can aggravate rosacea, and a peel like this gets rid of the ones you miss with even the most thorough everyday cleansing. I walked out of the clinic looking a little pink, but within a couple of hours my complexion felt much smoother and noticeably brighter.

I hope these tips help guys. I've got a couple more tricks to try and I'll be bringing you part II of my skincare series in a couple of weeks. Let me know your skin woes, even if they're not the same as mine it's good to share the aggro.


  1. great post! this is a tough topic and i think its wonderful you're putting your experiences out there. x

  2. I'm not an acne sufferer but do get lots of hormonal spots and my skin has the tendancy to go a little crazy sometimes so tips are always appreciated!

  3. my skin is riduclously sensitive too! In my late teens I got spots and they kept leaving red marks, it was horrid.. now it's settled down but I've tried a couple of products that really made my skin red and dry- Garnier Essentials was one to avoid.. I'm a big fan of Neal's Yard stuff personally :) xx

  4. nice post, im definitely gonna try some of these products :) xx

  5. I don't normally suffer from really bad skin, but i did in recent months and I stopped altogether wearing foundation and it helped SO much like incredible. But these past 2 weeks I've had such breakouts its horrible :( I use that Etat Pur micellar cleansing water all the time I love it cause my skin is so sensitive and its so gentle.

  6. Great post. I have similar sensitive skin to yours - Dalacin T is incredible :) Really good tips.

    I know that this might seem a bit obvious, but I am 27 years old and have just barely realised how important it is to COMPLETELY remove your makeup at the end of the day. I had always used a nice foaming cleanser and washed my face several times to ensure that all my makeup was off, but it wasn't until I bought a proper makeup removing cream (that you remove with cotton wools instead of water) that i realised how much makeup I was unintentionally leaving on my skin!!!! That, plus buying the Claisonic Mia cleansing brush. My skin is 1,0000 times better now that my makeup is completely removed at the end of the day (instead of just swashed around with my cleanser). This has changed my life....I know it may seem obvious but I spent so much time thinking that my makeup was removed and it really wasn't. Just passing on the good news to you and your readers! Best wishes x

  7. i had terrible acne from around 13 to 21 but it never stopped, just calmed down. still have quite rubbish skin now, "other people" can't tell but when you get up close you can see little scars and red bits. i remember the only thing which really worked for me was some tablets from the dr, none of the lotions, creams and solutions worked for me. I was discharged from the dermo at about 17 but I think I should have stayed you know. Life sucks sometimes


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