Sunday, 16 June 2013

Sunday reading | Vintage Life magazine

Vintage Life magazineVintage Life magazineVintage Life magazine

I have no doubt many of you will be filling your bellies with roast dinners with your Dads today, and that is definitely what I plan on doing later! I've bought him some homemade chilli cheese and horseradish cheese (yuk) from a local food market but since his plans this morning involved the allotment, I was free to indulge in a bit of Sunday reading with my latest edition of Vintage Life magazine.

Reviewing magazines and independent publications is one of my favourite aspects of this blog. I'm an avid reader and though I wish I had more time to devour Joanne Harris novels I am more than happy to flick through beautiful editorials like this one.

Vintage Life magazineVintage Life magazineVintage Life magazineVintage Life magazine

June's edition is full to the brim of festival style inspiration (I love those head scarves!) and features some especially yummy recipes. That asparagus and goat's cheese fritata has my name written allllllll over it.

In the top photo you will also see that my designer glasses collection is growing by the week. These red frames are my latest addition, part of the London Retro Glasses collection by MyOptique (who kindly gifted me this pair, and I already have my eye on their Ray-Ban glasses for sunnier days!). The chunkier frame the better for me, and if you check out the collection every piece has a vintage theme, so it's rather fitting to be wearing them to read this lovely magazine!

Big smooches to Rosie and the rest of the Vintage Life team for putting together such a beautifully written magazine, every page has something interesting to check out and refreshingly, unlike so many national magazines out there, there is zero celebrity fluff. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter for all things retro too, it has already inspired me to google retro hair tutorials and sketch out some new sailor tattoo ideas!


  1. Oh this looks lovely, where did you get you copy from? :)

    Maria xxx

  2. Never heard of this magazine before, definitely something I should have found sooner :) Just finished my roast, was amazing, hope yours is just as yummy!!

  3. Yay! your photos are fab! I was the biggest fangirl for the magazine before I manage to get the chance to work there. :)

  4. Wow, I never new this magazine existed! Where did you find it?


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