Sunday, 9 June 2013

Sunday Wishlists |

There is nothing better than curling up on Sunday evening after a busy weekend and doing a bit of window shopping! My latest online discovery is that of, which, funnily enough, sells LBDs but a whole other load of colours too. 

I especially love their 1920's inspired frocks like these four shown here. Lots of you share the same love for "swishiness" and though since I've left uni my nights out have severely diminished, I would invent excuses to attend such glamourous occasions if only to wear dresses like these!
Gatsby Inspired
1. Lipstick Boutique Ilaria dress
2. Lipstick Boutique Pearl dress
3. Lipstick Boutique Blossom dress in Nude
4. Aftershock London Tafawa Embellished dress

Summer Lovin'
1. Tramp in Disguise Lava Dress
2. Bill and Mar Pleione Marble maxi dress
3. Miss Patina When in Woodstock dress in yellow
4. Ruby Rae floor length ombre chiffon dress

As well as the party outfits I also spotted a few delicious maxi dresses so on today's wishlist you get two instead of one. I'm dreaming of the days when I can hop on a plane and lounge by a pool somewhere exotic, but for the time being I'll have to accept my glamour is going to stretch to a long weekend camping in Whitby in September. My favourite is this yellow vintage-style maxi with a pussybow blouse. It would go quite perfectly at afternoon tea!

It's my appraisal later on tomorrow at work so apologies for the sporadic posting but after 10 months at my first new job since graduation I have lots to talk about and I've been busy preparing for my first real evaluation since I entered the world of work. Scary bananas eh? Any top tips?


  1. loving the gatsby inspired dresses! cant wait to watch the movie!!! nice day. xx

  2. These are so gorgeous, all of them! I love the second one xo

  3. Love them all but especially number 3 under Gatsby inspired, that dress is stunning!

  4. Love the second dress at the top x


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