Sunday, 7 July 2013

Monochrome squares | Oasap & Dr Martens

Oops, I seem to have gone almost a week without blogging! That's what happens when the sun comes out, everyone forgets about the internet and runs outside, right?

Today we found time between pimms and Wimbledon (yayyyyy Murray!) to take some snaps of this incredible dress from Oasap, which I wore with my gorgeous new patent Dr Martens. The jumper was certainly a mistake in this heat (Topshop sale purchase, fyi) but I loved the laser cut square overlay on this frock. It's a little on the short side but I guess that doesn't matter when the whole world is practically naked.

Dr Martens - c/o Spartoo
Grey cropped jumper - Topshop
Contrast shift drtess - c/o Oasap

I really am Squinty McSquinterson in these shots! How have you guys been enjoying the sunshine? I've just booked tickets to my music festival of the summer - Y Not in Derbyshire with my FAVOURITE Dan Le Sac headlining on the Friday night. If you're not familiar with his stuff, definitely check it out. I'm not a massive hip hop fan usually but his is just perfect. The fact that he's mates with Simon Pegg and Paddy Considine also helps.

Enjoy the sun peeps, it won't last long!


  1. Love this. The skirt is awesome and I adore the docs xx


  2. Such an unusual dress, I love it, looks amazing on you! Dan Le Sac is also awesome xx

  3. You look amazing! Ahh that's something to look forward to ain't it! xxx

  4. Myster Jets, The Cribs, The Horrors, well jealous!! I've got sunburn despite practically bathing in factor 50 and took no photos all week so no blogging for me either xx

  5. YAY for Andy Murray and Pimms! That dress is really cute but it's all about the Docs for me. I want mooooar. ;)


  6. that shift dress is awesome! But take that jumper off right now, it's far too hot out :p xx

  7. The brick wall was a great background for a photo shoot... and for your blog!


    New Post!

  8. love this outfit so much on you lovely!! <3

    Hayley xx


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