Tuesday, 9 July 2013

My hair colour history

I have been all sorts of colours over the years. From mousey brown to almost black, to orange to a sophisticated dip dye. I've also been all sorts of hair cuts too (including a shaved neck, but we won't talk about that). I guess you could say I'm just never satisfied!

Nice n' Easy was the first brand of permanent home dye I tried. After a few attempts with semi-permanent brown too close in shade to my natural colour, back in my late teens, I wanted the grungey glamour of dark locks. My hairspiration was Alison Mosshart, that incredible lead singer who just oozes sex appeal on and off stage. I wanted it long, thick, with a fringe, and a little bit dirty. I can't remember what the shade colour it was, but man, I was dark.

Next, when I started at university, I got it all lopped off post-travels and dyed what I like to call "sainsburys carrier bag orange". I loved being so bright, and of course being a similar shade to a certain heroine of mine! It was a total impulse decision which I adored at the time, but as my hair grew, so did the commitment to keep up with the roots.

Hence a successful afternoon with Colour B4, and then subsequent home dye sessions with hairdresser pal Hannah. I've now got movie star hair thanks to Barrie Stephen, but it was certainly thanks to that foam hair dye for inspiring me with colour in the first place.

Have you experimented with colour? What has been your favourite over the years?

This post was brought to you in association with Nice ‘n Easy


  1. I tried to dye my hair once... went black. Luckily it was Halloween so I just went with it but I had to wear so much bronzer and blusher the next few months to avoid looking like a goth. Alison Mosshart gave me a cigarette at Reading Festival once, don't smoke but wasn't going to say no... xx

  2. Ahhhh I love Alison Mosshart! Literally the coolest chick out there.
    You suit all the colours so well, I definitely wouldn't! xo


  3. I think the Blond is the best, although you suit all of the colors here :) x


  4. I'm too much of a wimp to dye my hair all over - I just stick to red lowlights!

  5. ahh your one of these people who suits all colours, i wish i was brave enough to experiment! x

  6. I've dyed my hair a fair bit, never had any disasters! I used to dye my hair using a dark red semi permanent dye which made me look more tanned and made my hair so glossy. It always faded quite quickly but I never minded that. Last year I dip dyed my hair bright red which was fun, I loved it, and when it faded it was a blondey ginger kinda dip dye look. Now it's faded lots but the ends of my hair is still a tad bit lighter than the rest but other wise I'm to my natural colour now! I love playing with dyes, I wish I could bleach my hair and go pastel pink!! x

  7. I've been dying my hair from my teens! Think I may have used a erbel Essences dye, it was a big fat fail, my roots were red and ends with a subtle hint of red. Ha!

    You actualy suit a lot of these colours!


  8. I have never dyed my hair, I'm not sure what other colours would suit me but you annoyingly suit all of them!

    Maria xxx

  9. Good read :)I should really do a post like this, I have such a looong hair colour history! Love experimenting, love being blonde more than anything though, what about you?

    Luna XO


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