Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Nautical niceties | COW & Sperrys

Sperry boaters

This outfit feels incredibly nostalgic for my student life, as this lace n' print combo became something of a staple in sunny Sheffield. These tartan shorts are actually part of a playsuit, which I bought from COW back in the days of 6th form. It's a vintage reworked piece which is fitted around the chest and baggy around the bum, for optimum comfort and swishiness. It seems fitting that COW instilled in me a love of vintage back then, so much so that I'm now a COW ambassador.

To think I was running around as a sprightly teenager in this playsuit still makes me smile!

Sperry boatersSperry boatersSperry boaters
Vintage playsuit - COW
Lace t-shirt - H&M
Faux leather rucksack - New Look
Lola skimmer shoes - c/o Sperry

I think my love of nautical attire is rooted in wanting to be a pirate. I'm a sucker for anything blue, striped or even anchored, so these Sperrys are pretty much perfect to help me feel like I'm by the seaside. Along with my sailor tatt and bottle of rum hidden in my rucksack (shhh), I could definitely pass for a deck hand, right?


  1. Love the whole outfit, so cute. But I bet you were too warm in the layers x

  2. You look so awesome. I really love this outfit :)

    Kelly ||

  3. You look super comfy int his outfit, and anything that's got optimum comfort AND swishyness is a winner in my eyes!

    The Little Things

  4. love the playsuit with the top over it, might do this with mine to get a bit more wear out of them x

  5. Love this outfit ! The shoes look really cute :)

  6. Those Sperry's are so cute. Ahoy, me hearty! ;)


  7. Oh Claire you're such a cutie! Love the outfit as always. I need to get my grubby mitts on some Sperrys!

  8. Fab playsuit! Never bought anything from cow before, think I will now x

  9. I love pieces that bring back memories! And Im the same way, striped and anchored are my weaknesses! Lovely outfit!

  10. Love this outfit, so perfect for summer without looking too summery or girly, exactly what I like!

  11. THis is gorgeous! I love the top xo

  12. Claire you look amazing here and I love seeing more of your gorgeous tattoos!

    Maria xxx


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