Monday, 22 July 2013

Statement necklace wishlist | Avenue 32

Mary Queen of Shops used to be my favourite TV programme. Not only because it was a heart-warming success story of a struggling independent, transformed, but also because it was an entire hour of oggling at Mary Portas' impecable wardrobe. That lady always looks AMAZING. I also have her to thank for instilling a love of statement necklaces, and these Michaela Buerger knitted collars are exactly the sort I mean.

Y'know the type - when you can be wearing nothing but a grey t-shirt and jeans, and with one of these bad boys, still get street-snapped. With necklaces, my dream is bigger the better, and when I came across these lovely knitted ones, they made my heart go all a flutter. They've got buckets of personality, especially the bright neon numbers, and if you're low maintenance like me, what better than to put all of your sartorial effort into a piece of jewellery? Easy peasy.

Avenue 32 is something of a haven for serious fans of jewellery, and it might be worth keeping your eyes peeled for another collection soon to launch from Pamela Love. Judging by the promo image, it's just the sort of thing Amy or Vicky would love!


  1. I couldn't possibly pick a favourite!

  2. Wow..these necklace are really nice. I think it is best women accessories which made them fabulous.


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