Thursday, 11 July 2013

Summer lovin' | Swimsuit365

While the sun is still shining, I can let myself get carried away with the dream of going away this summer. In reality, a couple of days camping is more likely than fantasies of a tropical island, but hey, we can all play the lottery!

Summer is also the time when magazines start shouting about YOUR BEACH BODY  and looking hawt at short notice, which, frankly, is a load of rubbish. I'm not denying it can be pretty daunting to bare practically all if for the remaining 51 weeks a year you're not an Olympic swimmer, but there are definitely swimswear styles to flatter, rather than flaunt, the parts of our body we want to.

Panache is a great option for swimwear, and I can say first hand that their cossies are gorgeous in the flesh, as well as in the press photos up top. Personally, my tactic for summer wear is definitely brighter the better, especially in hot countries. We spend too many months of the year wrapped up in maroons and navys, so now's your chance to be bold! Here are my top picks....

The range of bikinis from Swimwear365 pretty much caters for any holiday. Many of their pieces can be bought separately, meaning you can mix and match - and I'm a devil for a bikini top and just a pair of denim shorts, or likewise swimming pants and a loose t-shirt.

So what are you doing this summer guys? And how will you be dressing for the beach? It's ok, tell me your plans. I promise I won't get too jealous.


  1. well... I went to the beach on Sunday, it was boiling hot and I wanted to swim so I wore a swimming costume but with a t-shirt on the top. Nobody needs to be subjected to all that white flesh!

  2. I've been doing the same and dreaming of holidays and pretty swimwear, not that I would ever be brave enough to wear a bikini.

  3. I'm a high waisted lover - need those love handles sucked in!

  4. That striped bikini is the cutest! My body may be marshmallow but I'm throwing caution into the wind next week and hopefully getting a bit of colour in Barbados!


  5. My favorite one is still that first one- I LOVE high waisted anything ;)

    xo Marlen
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  6. Ooh the Jette bikini is right up my alley. Pity it's winter where I am right now. Early investment maybe? haha


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