Saturday, 31 August 2013

Dressing like Aladdin | Arcanorum Clothing

Arcanorum clothing

Today has been a fail of epic proportions. For months now I've been giddy with excitement about the new 3D re-release of Jurassic Park in cinemas! As a childhood favourite of mine, seeing it on the big screen would be a dream come true, so today I got up early to catch a bus to my closest IMAX in Nottingham. After what seemed like a lifetime, I finally got there, only to find the booking systems were down, there was the world's BIGGEST queue, and ticket prices were a jaw-dropping £18.40 per person. That's nearly £40 for 2 people! As a pauper, with a heavy heart I turned away. So I'm a miserable fashion blogger right now folks, sat in my pyjamas, with this little one under my arm, moping folks.

On the plus side, I very much enjoyed dressing like a 21st century Aladdin today.

Arcanorum clothingArcanorum clothing
Striped harem trousers - c/o Oasap
Peacock motif t-shirt - Acanorum Clothing
Black sling back heels - Primark

These harem trousers from Oasap are super slinky, and though I had my eyes set on a sold-out polkadot set, I've fallen in love with this striped pair instead. The low crotch (shuddering as I'm typing that phrase) gives a relaxed fit, but they're tapered at the ankle and elasticated at the waist, with big loopy pockets I can lose things in. I'm thinking of teaming them with a bright cropped knit when the weather gets a bit cooler - maybe this one! What do you think?

I'm also proud to be styling a Sheffield fashion brand today on the blog, so I introduce you to Arcanorum Clothing, run by a friend of mine Perry Robbins. He'll soon be making an appearance on the column I write for Exposed magazine called Style City, but I couldn't resist sharing the love with you guys too!

Perry sent me a bloody huge parcel full of samples, so picking which one to feature here was a tough choice! Though my heart was swayed by the Monkey Busker (awww), I knew this t-shirt would fit the stripes perfectly. Cameo jewellery has been given a new lease of life with online boutiques lately giving them a modern twist, but this is the first clothing brand I have liked who have transformed the motif into a design I would actually wear. Take a look at the whole range anyway, got a feeling Lyzi will like one piece in particular!


  1. ooh this is a gorgeous outfit! You definitely rock the 21st century Aladdin look :D xx


  2. I like the name Arcanorum for a brand, nice to see some local stuff on the blog too. Reppin', as they say in the trade.

    WHAATTTTT Jurassic PArt 3-d, I know nothing of this but instantly want in. Don't fancy those prices though, what, are we made of money?!

  3. Shame about the movie, but on the plus you look amazing! I really love the pattern of the trousers, and the fit is perfect xo

  4. £18.40??? You'd have to sell a kidney! Brilliant trousers though x

  5. I seriously love that t-shirt! It's always cool to dicover fab local brands :) The trousers look so comfy - ideal for work! xx

    lookin' shnazzy m'dear :)

    Sad times about Jurassic Park! Can't believe the prices they expect you to pay - jeeez! Imagine you were a family with two kids?? It's ridiculous! x

  7. I actually have fallen in love with this look, its amazing as casual or a bit more dressy! :) x

  8. I totally love the shirt, really cool print! Fab combo with the striped pants!

    I would like to invite you to my current giveaway. You can win awesome glasses or sunglasses if you like. Feel free to come and take a look here:

    Happy Sunday! <3

  9. Your t-shirt is so cool and I love the print. The trousers look super comfy which is a definite bonus! xx

  10. I love this outfit! That t-shirt and those stripy trousers go perfectly together!

    Sam x

  11. You look awesome here, can I just steal your figure/hair/wardrobe please?!

    Maria xxx

  12. How on earth can seeing a film that has been out for ages cost that much!
    I've been really excited about going to the IMAX cinema in Nottingham
    however if it costs that much then I will definitely not be going!

    On the plus side, I love your look :)
    I'm really liking the pyjama trousers look at the moment.
    Comfy and also look effortless.

    Leah @ Peaches and Smoke

  13. Love the title of the post haha! I love those trousers - I have to confess I've got about 3 similar pairs myself but they're just so comfy. I wear them all the time especially in all the crazy heat we've been having! XX

  14. Cool tee.



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