Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Karma Clothing | Geometric two piece

Karma clothing | Geometric skirt

Two outfit posts back to back, I'm on it! This week a geometric two-piece parcel landed on my doorstep from fashion blogger favourite Karma Clothing, and I've decided to split my reviews into two because, as much as I love the idea of co-ordinating top and bottoms, I'm much more likely to wear the geometric top and skirt separately.

Karma clothing | Geometric skirtKarma clothing | Geometric skirt
Leather gilet - Primark
Black slingbacks - Primark
Grey t-shirt - H&M
Geometric skirt - c/o Karma Clothing

It's a deliciously loud print, which fits seamlessly into my wardrobe of blues and greens. I was half tempted to do a Stella and go all hue-coordinated, but the practical voice in my head told me my ink was rainbow enough. Also, and I don't usually mention price on the blog, but at sixteen english pounds, it's rather a bargain for what is essentially a whole outfit!

You will also notice an old blog favourite - my trusty leather gilet. It has been seconded by newer leather additions to my ever expanding wardrobe (srsly, had to buy a new one last week), but there is always enough room in my heart for a budget sleeveless jacket.

Have you got any old wardrobe faves you had forgotten about?


  1. Love the geometric print. Looks great with the leather gilet <3 x

  2. looooove that skirt, such a bright and fun print x

  3. My old wardrobe favs are still my most worn pieces, usually just blue shirts of some kind. Proper good print that. Did you see Grazia posted about the old hot dog legs this morning, do you think they saw your tweet?

  4. That skirt's very cool and love the bargainous sleeveless leather

    tan-talk.blogspot.co.uk x

  5. I'd also love to rock the co-ords but I think I'm a bit too shy ha! I do love this skirt though, what a fab way to add some print! x

    The Little Things

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  7. I definitely need to pull out my leather gilet more. Feeling inspired, you look lovely! x

    Chloe @ The Little Plum UK Fashion&Beauty Blog


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