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What should a new runner wear? | #fitness

What should a new runner wear?What should a new runner wear?

Some fitness fanatics might exercise to get their body looking a certain way. It's a heart-warming side effect of getting a sweat on to see your thighs are a little more toned than they were around Christmas time, but if you ask me, exercise is about feeling strong and capable. But what should a new runner wear?

I run because the defiant part of me scoffs if someone suggests I can't do something. Not to say that getting up to running non stop for 45 minutes hasn't been a chore of epic proportions. Despite my if-you-can-do-it-I-can-do-it attitude, I am inherently lazy, and who wouldn't choose an episode of New Girl and a cup of tea over a sweat-fest?

Going back to what a new runner should wear, I too personify the notion that exercise isn't for the beautified (be pretty on rest days, so it goes). It's true anyone can do it, but I can't stress enough how important it is to get good shoes, and a good bra. Everything else is incidental - you're set.

What should a new runner wear?What should a new runner wear?What should a new runner wear?

RULE 1 : The right underwear
Let's get down to the nitty gritty. If you've got boobs, exercise can be something of an annoyance. Which is exactly why you need something robust, secure and reliable to see you through any terrain and any wobble. I've worked with Panache before, and their My Curves & Me range is aimed at girls just like me, who have trouble finding the best fit.

I was kindly gifted with the above Panache set to celebrate the My Curves & Me first birthday (and if you type "birthday" in at the checkout you can get a cheeky 25% off and free delivery until the 17th September!). Unlike lots of (scary) ones, when this sports bra and short set arrived I was pleasantly surprised at how modern and well made it was. It felt a bit tight on, but not constricting, which I soon got used to. I would err on the side of caution and get yourself fitted by a Panache assistant before you order online as sizing varies massively from brand to brand, but once you're confident of your numbers, their sports range will look after you.

RULE 2 : The right shoes
It's no secret I'm going through something of a trainer phase right now, but that's not to say they are strictly reserved for days out and lazy afternoons in my office. Having the right trainers for running though, I soon learnt was a serious business. It didn't take long for me to change my flippant opinion of "what? Converses are totally fine to run in". With ankle aches and my boss warning me of shin splints if I carried on, getting a well-fitting, well-supported, specialist running shoe is so crucial.

I'm still trying to find my perfect brand, but these Nike Frees gifted from Sportsshoes are swiftly creeping up my favourites list. Not only are they incredibly light and flexible (no "wearing in" to be done here), they are the closest in the range to feel like barefoot running, which is going back to nature somewhat, isn't it? In your hunt for the perfect pair, look for comfort, cushioning and ankle support. That would be my advice, based on experience.

Phew! What a long post! Who knew I would have so much to say :) Tell me your running stories anyway folks. Have you got any fail-safe pieces of kit that you'd recommend? Or any horror stories of the stuff you wore when you first started?

All gifted items are marked, but as always, reviews are honest and entirely my own.


  1. Love this! Im a runner too and I've found that good shoes and a good bra is the best way to go!

  2. I'm trying to get back into running again, never had good gear though :L my trainers have caused suchn damage to my knees! x

  3. It sounds like you're all set these days then, how long do you run for at the moment? I need to start building up again, I only run on the treadmill at the moment. I could do with a new pair of shorts and a long sleeve top. Nike seem best to me, for running I have some free runs too, ace sneaks!

  4. I actually really love sportswear! Wish it was more appropriate for everyday wear.. Your trainers are so cool xo

  5. Loving the trainers! :)

    Definitely agree about good shoes and a good bra - I have Asics Patriot 4s which I got fitted for at a running shop (and then bought cheaper on the internet) and a Shock Absorber sports bra, and then I just run in cheap leggings and vest tops over the top. The only other thing I'd recommend is the double cushion anti-blister socks, it might seem like a bit of a waste of money but they do work!

    Oh, and those little pouches that you wear round your waist are good too for things like storing your keys/phone/iPod if your shorts or leggings don't have pockets. I use the money belt I bought when I went travelling which is designed to go under your clothes and works pretty well as an alternative.

  6. Love the trainers! Running is such a cost-effective way to exercise but definitely agree that trainers and a good sports bra are worth investing in. It makes me cringe to see people running without the right support! x

  7. I'm well and truly converted to running! I can't stress how important the right pair of trainers are!

  8. I completely agree that a proper sports bra is essential - I cringe when I see girls running wearing inappropriate bras! Well fitting running shoes are a must too. I recently went to a running shop to get a gait analysis done which was amazing and I now have shoes that are a dream to run in! x

  9. You know something, I went to the gym for the first time in AGES yesterday and the feeling was uhhhh-mazing! I felt absolutely knackered after a 2 and a half hour exercise sesh but I felt great because of it. Admittedly today I can't actually walk / lift my arms up haha. But yes, I agree good underwear and good shoes are ideal for doing any type of exercise which requires jiggling about for periods of time haha. Love the trainers! xxx

  10. I really need a decent workout bra... off to check them out.
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  11. I love this post :) I recently did a fitness clothing haul over on my blog too, I love to feel healthy and strong as you said :)


  12. I had the worst shin splints from running and did my back in. Started running in my Asics and have never gone back! My step-dad has been a runner for over 30 years and says they are the only way to go! x

  13. I want to get started on the Couch to 5K programme (which I actually found out about from you, thanks!) and have bought pretty much everything apart from the elusive trainers. I want to go and get myself fitted at a proper running shop because I know I lean in quite a lot on my left foot and am worried I may injure myself, but likewise I'm kind of frightened of going into a proper sports shop when I clearly don't do any exercise. Urgh. I think I'm going to wait until I go home and go with my dad (who's been running for as long as I can remember) to his local shop where hopefully it won't be so intimidating!


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