Sunday, 8 September 2013

Perspex Heels, Floral and Tulle | #ootd

Midi tulle skirt and floral cropped t-shirt

Yesterday I tweeted that I was putting together one of my favourite outfit posts of all time and this is it! It's pretty much how I would dress every day if I could - financial stamina permitting, of course!

Midi tulle skirt and floral cropped t-shirtMidi tulle skirt and floral cropped t-shirtMidi tulle skirt and floral cropped t-shirtMidi tulle skirt and floral cropped t-shirtMidi tulle skirt and floral cropped t-shirt
Floral crop top - c/o COW
Midi dress with tulle skirt - Topshop
Perspex heel sandal - c/o 
Kurt Geiger

Yesterday I spent a frantic few hours in Meadowhall - which in hindsight was a pretty stupid idea on a Saturday! It was absolutely heaving, which frustrates me as a shopper as I can't browse in piece without having to watch out for kids running around and people not looking where they are going. Does anyone else hate other shoppers?

Either way, I found this amazing Topshop dress and though it's way more than I usually spend as a fashion blogger, especially on a simple jersey frock, I couldn't tear myself away. I knew it would go perfectly with this cropped floral t-shirt I was sent by COW too, and seeing these snaps it's a match made in heaven!

These heels are pretty special. My collection of black heels is certainly growing thanks to Spartoo, but these are a class all of their own. I love the futuristic appeal of the perspex heel, and the fact that they're really comfy and don't give me blisters is a definite bonus.

Come at my Autumn, I'm ready for you.


  1. Oh Claire, you look stunning here, that dress is beautiful on you!

    Maria xxx

  2. Oh my gosh, absolute swoon, megababe or what? I absolutely love this dress, it is stunning and it looks so perfect with the crop top. I adore the heels too, I love how they're all tough and buckle-y and then the floaty skirt is really feminine. Basically LOVE. Oh and love the fringe :) xo

    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook

  3. This is a proper outfit ain't it, do you reckon you could don in every day though? I really like it though, it's nice to treat yourself dude, you work hard for it.

  4. Fab fab fab!! gimmmmeee those heels! <3

  5. Looking gorgeous - those shoes are amazinggg too!

  6. Oh god, those shoes are pretty damn perfect aren't they? That'll be another thing added to my wish list... xx

  7. ARGH you are pushing me closer and closer to perspex heels they look super swanky :) xx Lisette Loves xx

  8. I'm in love with this dress, I love how you've styled it! xx

  9. That tulle midi dress is just so pretty and those heels are UH-MAZING. Love the heels!

    Tara xo

  10. This look is amazing! I love how the heels toughen up the pretty skirt x

  11. ahh this outfit is perfect, especially the midi dress! I'm a huge fan of Cow too. just discovered your blog, can't wait to read more :) x

  12. love those shoes and your hair looks so big!

  13. This looks so beautiful on you, I can definitely see why you like it so much. If this outfit was mine I'd probably try to find an excuse to wear it everyday for at least a month (well, not quite, but you know what I mean)x


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