Saturday, 7 September 2013

Sharing the love | Blog photography

There can be few things more heart warming to curl up with a cup of tea, have the radio on low, and relish in a lazy afternoon reading blogs. It's a pastime I do not have the chance to indulge in enough, but when I do, I make that count.

You can see some of my favourite reads over there on the right hand side, but there are three in particular who, as well as being fabulous friends, are exceptionally talented photographers, each in their different ways...

Being Little: Lyzi's blog is a visual treat! With finger-licking recipes, vintage shopping excurisons and plenty of day trip snaps with her and her other half Doug, Lyzi's blog is one of the first I ever started reading, and remains a favourite to this day.

I think I like her photography so much in part to the bright colours and the honesty behind them. You can tell Lyzi looks for joy in the smallest things (a pot of tea and cake, anyone?) and I love her personalisation with handwritten scribbles.

It's Cohen: Rebecca is my partner in crime for many a blogger night out, and though I don't get to see her much these days because she's gone from one northern extreme to the south, I still love to catch up on her gorgeous outfit posts and turn green with envy at her Brownstock experience!

Rebecca's photos are perfectly edited, they take on a slightly vintage, atmospheric quality which is so distinctive. Her outfit posts are getting better and better every week, but she's a stunner, so are we hardly surprised?

From Gem With Love: Last but by no means least - if you're a blogger, chances are you're in love with Gem's blog just as much as I am. Only this week Twitter was populated with messages of love for this girl, for it truly is like sitting down with your best mate reading her words.

Aside from the honest and heartfelt words that appear on each post, Gem's photography is just sublime. Honestly, go and have a look. She's also got a Facebook page to follow her work as a wedding photographer too - go see!

Photography is of course a massive part of blogging, as what we do is just so visual. I'm sure a lot of the success of it boils down to a natural ability, or, I dunno, patience? My Dad is a brilliant amateur photographer who swears by going on regular courses, but if you're thinking through your university options, lots offer photography as full or part-time courses, like this one for example.

In my experience, getting good photographs for your blog relies on a willing accomplice, and practice. I've definitely got a lot to learn, and, who knows, maybe an actual DSLR is on the cards for Christmas time!

Which are your favourite photography blogs?


  1. Honestly, I took 117 shots of this set up on my dining room table. Getting the light just right alongside the composition. I think it does take a lot of patience and practice. Even me, a professional still can't do it one take. Photography is a huge pull for me when I am reading blogs, I think telling a visual story is just as important as the written. Thank you so much for your kind words dear friend o' mine. Miss you muchly and amazing picks! I miss our Cohen too!! xxx

  2. Ah such amazing blogs you've chosen. I love them all!

  3. I think that a lot of time it's make or break if I instantly like a blog. A DSLR isn't such a bag idea Claire, worth every penny. Though I must say I use my compact more regularly for ease.

  4. Such brilliant blogs and you're right, the photography is beautiful!

    Maria xxx

  5. Thanks for the links, I do like a photography blog. I think I need a course to get more out of my dslr. Would definitely say they are worth the investment though!

    Luxx Mint

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  7. Thank you so, so much Claire, I can't say how much it means for someone to say they like my photography rather than "nice shoes" (which is still nice, but y'know). I fiiiiiiinally bought as DSLR with some money I made from my blog, so I kinda invested it back in, if that makes sense? I did get a really good deal on it though! I'll bring it with me to Birmingham, so feel free to have a play with it :) xxx

  8. Ohhh so lovely to be featured amongst such talented ladies! <3


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