Thursday, 5 September 2013

Wishlist | Sammydress

Window shopping online is how I procrastinate. It's a mildly dreamlike activity that can while away 10 minutes in a flash, especially when you stumble across a new fashion store like Sammydress and have SO many pieces to sift through! One of my favourite things about blogging is sharing what I find with the rest of you guys, so here is my pick of the best to whet your appetite. 

Firstly, those boots. Amazing aren't they? And a fraction of the price of Jeffrey Campbells or Topshop versions. I almost had to look twice when I saw them, and they're just the right amount of heavy grunge yet still with the heel a little feminine. Enough gushing anyway, you can see how gorgeous they are.

I'm still drawn towards anything with busy patterns, stripes, and colour blocking too. Though, which doesn't feature here, my yearly AW investment will be in the perfect blazer, elusive though it is. I want something oversized but with skinny arms... is that even possible?!


  1. Hahaha window shopping online is my life! Wow, I've never heard of Sammydress before, I can't believe how cheap those boots are. Amazing! X

  2. The jacket and jumper are AMAZING. xxx

  3. Great picks, love the sweatshirt! x

  4. SERIOUS lust for those porcelain shorts, those are beautiful. Thank you for introducing another potential area of window lusting to my life :) Happy Friday. x

  5. Those cut out boots are lush.



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