Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Christmas comes early | Google Nexus 7

Google Nexus 7 review

When I was younger, we weren’t allowed to open our Christmas presents until we had got dressed, had our breakfast, brushed our teeth and made our beds. It always felt like a painfully long time, but all the more worth it when my little brother and I were rewarded with our Christmas present. I remember one year brought a pair of rollerblades, one year a dolls house, one year my first ever digital camera. As I grew up, those presents got smaller, and tech-ier. Last year my Dad bought me my beloved bridge camera as a twinned gift for graduating. This year, now I’ve moved out and am a fully fledged adult, I’m genuinely expecting socks (and maybe a set of electric weighing scales, geeky I know).

Today, Christmas has come early.

Google Nexus 7 reviewGoogle Nexus 7 review

I recently received a Google Nexus 7 tablet from Argos Online. It genuinely helped improve my blog, letting me co-ordinate posts when I’m not at home (thank you wifi), and I can write posts on the go now and save them for later in one of the many notes apps, which is excellent for a brain like a sieve like mine.

It’s also helped for my day job. As many of you know, I’m a PR girl, and I’ve recently been promoted a year in – huzzah! It means I have a firmer handle of many of my favourite clients (including a few fashion ones) and doing so much digital and social media stuff is so much easier to stay on top of with a bigger device than a smart phone.

One of my clients is called MyFunky, which was recently on! That in itself was a pretty impressive space to land, so throughout that week, I kept my eye on how they were getting on with the app. If you’ve never heard on, it’sbasically the destination for the design conscious shopper on a budget. They sell all sorts of cool and quirky pieces, from furniture to clothes to art. It was a haven for inspiration when I moved into my lovely new flat.

I’ve still yet to discover the hidden gems of the Nexus 7. With such a massive app store I’d have to review the tablet every week for a year to get through it all! However, the fact that a technophobe could work out how to use it without reading the instructions is certainly a plus for anyone who isn’t interested in anything too complicated. More than anything else, the size of this is ideal if, like me, you like the idea of travelling light but still have to fit a million and one “essentials” in your rucksack.

It might be the underdog of the tablet world (Liam is forever snubbing me with his Samsung), but the Google Nexus 7 gets my vote.


  1. Tablets are really handy, I'm always nickin' my brothers as it's just a hell of a lot easier than starting up my almost dying laptop. I must say I love the artwork in the back too, that is cool

  2. Jealous. So very, very jealous. Can only imagine how useful that would be. Also, I love that quilt!

    Ellie | mantrapixie | x

  3. My brother surprised me with one of these last year for my birthday, it has definitely been one of my favourite presents ever! xo

  4. Awww, yay!! I've heard good things about these, my parents share a tablet and they're obsessed with it now. I tend to use my phone for everything but sometimes it's nicer to see things on a bigger screen. It's pretty awesome that it's helped your work too. <3

    Tara xo

  5. I might get one of these for my Mum, I'm addicted to my ipad but this looks fab! x

  6. Don't currently have a tablet, and I've only ever considered getting an ipad, but I'm definitely going to look up Google tablets now! Looks amazing!

  7. I've still not been bitten by the tablet bug, but I'm really not a technology girl. Also, with not having wifi at home, I'm never convinced it would actually be useful to me.

  8. I'm getting some money to put towards a tablet for my birthday next week. I'm really stuck between spending £200 on a Nexus 7 or spending another £70 and getting the iPad mini. I'm truely an Apple girl (I've got a macbook and on Saturday I'm upgrading to an iPhone 5), but with blogger being google, my Etsy shop linked to Gmail, I'm not sure whether to keep a toe in the Android pond. Argh! Would you recommend a Nexus for someone like me? (big question, I know, but I'm shocking at making decisions) x

  9. I was sent a Nexus too, and I actually prefer it to my iPad!

  10. It looks so pretty! Seems like a great gadget, I've yet to make the leap and own a tablet! xx

  11. Very interesting indeed, I'm seeing a lot of tablets around this week and I do genuinely want one. I didn't see a need for myself to get one but this year I've realised I would benefit from one greatly. Ok so maybe this comment wasn't one of the funnier ones but how about I lighten the mood with a joke?

    What's orange and sounds like a parrot? A carrot.

    Buckets & Spades

  12. Ooh, interesting! I want an iPad but me and the Man have a communal Kindle Fire, it looks like this would be a good one for just me though, might have to put it on my Christmas list!

    Tweet Tweet xx

  13. What a wicked gift!! I m an Ipad girl but this looks pretty good.


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