Tuesday, 12 November 2013

The Christmas heels | Brand Boudoir Wishlist

I hope I’m not the only blogger already thinking about Christmas. Guilty as charged – I think it’s because it’s the first year I’m in my own flat with lovely Liam that I’m getting excited about decorating our space together and spending some proper quality time together*

Today I found myself drooling over a specific kind of party attire from  Brand Boudoir. It’s a stereotype that the colder months automatically mean “party”, but when it’s so grim outside, I will take ANY excuse.

BrandBoudoir is a fancy footwear lovers dream! My top picks are all chicks from the Michael Kors nest, so they’re extra special. Whether you want something dramatic (leopard print or patent red anyone?) or understated (nude or black with a gold toe) – this selection ticks all of the boxes really.

Granted, if I spent my pennies on a pair of these they’d definitely be saved for the sitting down occasions and kept in their box dust free. But there’s no better time for a little pizzazz than Christmas.

*Read: eating too many mince pies


  1. Exciting times! And the shoes are lovely!

  2. Pumpss are soo a la chick :D
    nice post

    Serah de Fashix

  3. Trust me you're not the only one thinking about Christmas, I'm already narrowing down my Christmas outfit options hahaha! http://britishmermaid.blogspot.co.uk

  4. Oh my, those leopard print ones with the gold tips are so nice! X


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