Thursday, 7 November 2013

The "other" pink coat

The pink coat | outfit post

Expecting to see pastels weren't you eh? When the idea of the Primark pink coat usually conjures up this, I decided it wasn't for me, and opted for brighter than bright. It's quite like my blue biker jacket that got a lot of love last month, and when pastels wash me out in the cold, this keeps me cosy and brightens up my day.

The pink coat | outfit postThe pink coat | outfit postThe pink coat | outfit postThe pink coat | outfit post
Poppy ring - c/o Jon Richard
Studded boots - eBay (similar)
Houndstooth skirt - Amy's blog sale (similar)
Grey t-shirt - Primark mens (similar)
Pink coat - Primark (eye-watering alternative here)

Though, it was an absolute mission to get my hands on! I eventually found it in New Square shopping centre's Primark in West Brom when I visited for the opening a few weeks ago. When I visited it was a busy Saturday, but unlike so many other Primarks it was relatively tidy! I was given a one-on-one tour around by the lovely Adam, and I soon realised it's only about 20 minutes away from where Liam's family live, and dead easy to get to. In comparison with Birmingham's jumble sale of a Primark, I'd definitely choose to spend a little extra time getting to this one, for a much better experience!

I'm also wearing a poppy ring in honour of 11th November, from Jon Richard. I'm terrible for losing or crushing those little paper emblems, never mind stabbing myself with the pin, plus this provides a bigger donation with £3.60 from every sale going to the Royal British Legion. How are you showing your support this year - have you bought your poppy yet?

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  1. Love this colour on you - I wanted this, but my bf said it didn't suit me, so I sacked it pffft - what do they know lol you look gorgeous!

    Charlie xx


  2. That coat is so lovely - may have to track it down although it won't look half as good on me!

  3. Claire this coat looks made for you m'dear!

  4. That coat looks amazing on you! And I will def be looking at getting a poppy ring :) xo

  5. Love this coat, a pastel pink one would get so grubby in the rain and brushing against dark colours x

  6. I think I prefer this one to the pastel colour! Looks really lovely xx

  7. That coat is the best thing in the whole world I need it in my life! You look gorgeous xo

  8. So now I can't decide if I want a pastel pink coat, a hot pink coat, both...or to shun the trend and opt for a more classic colour!

  9. Ahhh that coat - lovelove the colour, I think i'm perfering this to the pastel pink actually.

    Whole outfit looks great, wanting those boots aswell now !

    Taz and Bear

  10. Oh hi there pretty! Love this coat, and with the monochrome look, it looks bloody gorgeous. I really love that skirt, too <3 BABE XX

  11. A tidy Primark, surely you're telling fibs? I would like to get a poppy pin badge actually, you just reminded me.

    Buckets & Spades

  12. ooh I'm now pining for a pink coat even though I've already bought a new winter coat this year! This looks fab with the monochrome.. xx

  13. pink and dog tooth, what a combination! Such a gorgeous look missus!

  14. What a gorgeous coat! So much more interesting than the pastel pink ones that are popping up everywhere! XX

  15. I love the bright colour, what a bargain!? <3

    Tara xo

  16. love your blog <3
    would you like to follow each other? :)

  17. I saw this coat recently in my local Primark and fell in love with it. It's just such a striking colour and biker style jackets are always my favourite. I much prefer the idea of a poppy ring rather than the paper ones, because I always end up losing them too. What's more is that I seemed to find it impossible to find someone actually selling them which is quite upsetting. If I had known about this ring sooner I certainly would have been sporting one for today.

    I'm definitely hunting you down at Motel this week!

  18. You look awesome here, this is such an amazing colour, especially with that gorgeous skirt :)

    Maria xxx


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