Monday, 9 December 2013

Dreaming of Dr. Martens | Wishlist

When I first visited London, I must have been about 13. It was a weekend away with my parents doing the typical touristy things - Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, a load of Museums and a spot of shopping.

I remember feeling really overwhelmed at the number of people there - but also how different people looked. We were only an hour and a half away from home by train, and yet people dressed differently. It was probably the first time I saw proper punks, loitering around Camden in their trusty DMs.

Ever since, I wanted a pair.

I've since owned my fair share of lookalikes, but nothing can beat the real thing. I love that they mould to your feet like Converses - no other shoes love you back in the same way that DMs do. They come in such an array of colours and patterns too - there really is one to suit any one.

Here are my current favourites, all available on Shoetique...


  1. oh love the tartan print!

    i hope you can enter my giveaway for the chance to win a baroque jumper dress!

    Rachael x

  2. I love those quilted ones! I have a few pairs but I haven't bought any this year which should be a crime. I need MOAR!

    Tara xo

  3. I want number 3! x

  4. My go-to shoes are my DMs and I would never be without them :) The black quilted ones could be worn with pretty much everything so they'd be my first choice :D


  5. its wonderful stuff you've written up on your blog. Have been hunting for it everywhere. good blog

  6. I've got my eye on the quilted ones.

  7. I've got a few pairs in the back of my cupboard but they're not really my style right now. I'd never chuck them mind you!

    Buckets & Spades

  8. I can never decide what I think about them. I've never been cool enough to work the DM look, I fear. I have a pair of floral print lookalikes, but they are so uncomfortable that I haven't really worn them much.

  9. Ugh I've wanted a pair of DMs for yonks, but have never been able to commit to one colour! The pewter ones are pretty cool, though.

    Just a Thought

  10. Obsessed with Dr Martens, they literally are life!

  11. Ah these are adorable, I need some in my life :) xx

  12. Understand your wish list! I have actually written an article, where I mention Dr. Martens:

    Have a nice day:)
    Best regards,
    Astrid -


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