Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

Not the most season-appropriate photo to start off today's post, I'll give you that. It's cold and it's grey and it's dark, and I'm posting a photo of a beach in the middle of summer. Soz.

However, when an email from Joules popped into my inbox, with some rather gorgeous nautical homeware, it inspired an hour long flick back through my travelling photos, to one of the most beautiful coasts I've ever visited. See above!

Four summers ago I spent five incredible months doing that typical gap year thing of declaring I would see the world, and some of it I certainly did. One really beautiful place was Rarotonga, which is here on a map, the middle of nowhere! If you ever find yourself in LA, or New Zealand, I implore you to visit. It's only a few short hours away by plane, and a two week trip here will stay with you forever.

That being said (and my gushing about my travelling days would spread over hundreds more blog posts if I let it!), ever since I sat on that incredible beach, I've had a penchant for a nautical house. 

Every time I see an old sailor's knot in a second hand shop I buy it. Old starfish, toy boats, striped towels. I have a stash of seaside stuff at my Mum's house, just waiting for a bigger flat to fill it with. So, when I saw Joules range of duvet covers, including this gorgeous nautical set, it inspired me to try and find even more!

It might not be the real thing, and I may never be as lucky as Rosie or Lyzi and live near the seaside, but I do wonder if I could get that little sense of it in my land-bound flat I might be happy. I kept tropical fish for a couple of years, and eat far too many fish and chip suppers to be commended for my diet.

I'm a sea girl at heart after all.


  1. blimey you really have been to the middle of nowhere!

    Buckets & Spades

  2. We opted for Fiji instead which was also incredible (Fijians are the nicest people on the planet), I love that you've travelled too! :) Those lamps are too cute and would lovely in my bathroom.

    Tara xo


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