Monday, 2 December 2013

Tea cups and tough shoes | OOTD

Tea cup dress and Next jumper | Sheffield Fashion Blogger | Outfit post

Evening chickens! So again it has been a week since I posted, and though I do feel guilty about the mountain of drafts and things I have waiting to be written about, it's quality not quantity eh?

The life of a PR girl can be overwhelmingly frantic. Sometimes it gets the better of me, and all I want to do when I get home is snooze! For those of you who read my "Life as an Intern" series, you would do well to know that in this industry, you have to be prepared for anything. It can sap your creativity when you're spending all of your brain power on your clients, and I know talking about not having any imagination isn't the most imaginative of blog posts... But this has always been a cathartic outlet when stuff gets tough.

All that aside, I am really excited to be heading down to London tomorrow for the ASOS Fashion Finder party - will I see your face there? Let me know in the comments below!

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Tea cup dress and Next jumper | Sheffield Fashion Blogger | Outfit postTea cup dress and Next jumper | Sheffield Fashion Blogger | Outfit post

My outfit posts have been functional, to say the least lately. I've been stocking up on chunky knits for when the office boiler breaks, like this perfect one from Next. It was only £24 which I think for a well made snug jumper is a bargain! I might have been sans tights today (brave) but with a pair of polkadot socks and my trusty Dr Marten lookalikes, I reckon I could get through the snow ok in these?!

You'll definitely have spotted this teapot dress on a whole host of bloggers this month! The likes of Gemma, Maria and Sarah have all been lovin' it, which is no surprise really. There's only one thing that bloggers love more than clothes - afternoon tea! This teapot dress from Very's new Definitions range is for girls with curves, which is a little awkward for me with a boyish bod, but I try and fill it all the same. I used to wear "tea dresses" allllll of the time when I was growing up, and this has certainly made me want to go through my teenage wardrobe and bring my old ones back out!

Don't lose faith in me guys, I'm just trying to re-establish a work/life balance that doesn't send me over the edge.


  1. Definition of a tea dress!!


  2. This is gorgeous! I love those shoes with the dress xo

  3. I can imagine you're working all hours, i guess we'll see you on the other side? as your parents might say, remember to eat! This looks like a comfy outfit.

    Buckets & Spades

  4. Love those shoes! I am wanting a black pair of them so much! Amazing :) xx

  5. I know the feeling of trying to balance work and blogging all too well! I'm constantly tired! Loving the teapot dress!

  6. Oh I love this dress. And entire outfit actually. Gorgeous x

  7. ooh I love the mixing of patterns here :) But bare legs?! Crazy! Urgh work life balance stuff eh? I think it's pretty much impossible to have a full time office job AND blog all the time.. no no no. xxx

  8. I really really really want this dress, it looks so lovely how you've styled it up!

  9. Tea pots and tea cups?! Cuuuuute! x

    Sweet Monday

  10. Your life at the minute does sound pretty damn frantic, and you're so right it's definitely worth quality over quanity.

    You look great, the pattern on the dress is beautiful. Right up my street!

  11. that jumper is perfect! I'm all about stocking up on chunky knits in the cold weather, too ;)

  12. You look babin'!
    Love this outfit and I was definitely won over by the fact you're wearing a teapot dress! EEP!
    Those Dr Martens lookalikes are exquisite too :) xxx

  13. love love love the teacup skirt! you look so sweet! xo

  14. Maria looks equally as cute in this dress! The print is just too adorable. <3

    Tara xo

  15. i am loving this look, what a cutie!

  16. Sending you lots of love and smooshes, I can;t wait to see your face after Christmas! <3 You look amazing here, much cooler than me!

    Maria xxx


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