Wednesday, 1 January 2014

A year in outfit photos

Year in photos | 2013 | #fbloggers

Happy new year! This has to be one of my favourite kinds of posts. Thank god, I've not had any "what was I thinking moments" in 2013, and as I was expecting, I don't really see any particular thread of a style emerging, ha! Saying that, my outfit posts make me happy and pretty proud.

I've definitely got braver, and I like trying out new styles - see printed trousers in April and white leather in June. It's the type of post I get the most feedback on (aw shucks guys) and probably the ones I feel most anxious about when my fingers hover over the "publish" button.

Year in photos | 2013 | #fbloggers
May | June | July | August

Year in photos | 2013 | #fbloggers

Things have had to change since I moved in May - now I live with Liam he has become the more regular photographer. I've got a little more time to myself with a shorter journey to work, but I've got more responsibility too which means on occasion I'm having to wear the dreaded monochrome suit dress. 

Hell, I'm 23 and still wear a cardigan knitted for me by my Nanna, not much has changed really.


  1. Lots of great outfits :-) Happy New Year! x

  2. Gorgeous outfits but if I was forced to pick a favourite it would be March :)

    Happy New Year Claire! I look forward to watching your fabulous style evolve further in 2014.



  3. So many awesome looks but March and December are my faves :D

    Tara xo

  4. I forgot how many awesome outfits you wore this year, January and September are my faves!

    Maria xxx

  5. the pink coat is a great colour on you. i love your style, knitted cardigan all the way x

  6. So the question is, which is your fav? I do really like the one with the big red cardi. I'm going to do a outfit round up this week, not done one before ekk.

    Buckets & Spades

  7. You absolute babe! April, October and December are my fav! <3

    Hayley xo

  8. Hello sweety! I just found your blog, it's very nice. Keep it up with the good work!

    Andera |

  9. great post! would you like to follow eachother?



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