Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Wishing from the new COW website

Cow wishlist

Though one of my new year resolutions is to save my pennies this year (hopefully for a summer holiday with some of these beauts) I'm also a little helpless when it comes to reworked.

Too much "vintage" claims to be worth the price tag when it's bad quality, boring or needing a little love. COW, on the other hand, who have stores in Birmingham, Nottingham, Sheffield and Manchester, are a cut above the rest. With a brand new website, their wares look better than ever before with fab photography and trend features to give us a little vintage inspiration.

Cow wishlist
Below, from left Grey Knit | Daisy Dress | Wildcats Sweater

It is an absolute treasure trove for knitwear (though I'd definitely scout out the mens section too!), and floral knits are always a winner with tea dresses and pleated midis. What's special about the items is that the vast majority are one-offs, and if they're reworked by one of their sewing teams, they're even more unique!

I'm definitely keeping my eyes peeled for daisy prints this month, and after a hasty post-Christmas sort out I'm rather lacking in the knitwear department. Huddling like penguins, anyone?


  1. I want to head up north soon just do I can visit a COW!
    Everything looks amazing,

    Rosie x

  2. Ahh, those leopard print shorts are awesome, but the link doesn't seem to work :(

  3. Oh my, seriously need to do some saving! xo

  4. How cute! I always love a good vintage shop.


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