Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Wishlist | Coast party picks

I love January, not because of the fresh starts or the post-Christmas clean ups - but because it's the perfect opportunity to look ahead and fill my diary full of fun stuff!

It's my birthday in April and I've already got a few girly weekends planned with some of my favourites for drinks and dancing, so when Coast got in touch to see if I'd like to pick out some of my top party picks, I was in just the right mood...

When I was at university, going out meant slinging on a pair of denim shorts and hoping for the best, whereas now it's much more considered. I've become more of a dress and heels kinda gal (goodbye scruffy student circa 2010), but sensible heels, mind.

Out of my top picks, these metallic pumps are just perfect. I'd wear 'em with skinny jeans and an oversized knit, and maybe a chunky necklace like this neon number. Look at me all grown up!

Just a quick post tonight because I'm trying to get an early night (boohooooo) but I have lots planned for Jazzpad this week, including a photo diary from Saturday's #ASOSSwapShop!


  1. Great picks - that dress is gorgeous! :)

  2. Oh, those shoes are cute!

  3. Love those shoes! If only our Nans had kept their pumps in pristine condition hey? I wouldn't have ever considered picking those up if I saw them but you have a way of selling them I didn't see before. *sigh* Europe may get a little expensive :p

    Hi btw! I feel I should make a point of saying I've popped in from time to time. Your blog is still fabbo! But I'm sure you knew that. Hehe.


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