Saturday, 22 February 2014

How the internet makes you a savvy shopper

We've all done it. Trawled around a shopping centre until the soles of your feet are burning, spent too much on a cup of tea and cake, only to come away empty handed or with bags full of stuff you don't really need. And don't get me started on the crowds...

In many ways, you can see why internet shopping is such a sensation.

When you follow a million fashion blogs (see my pick of the best over on the right there) it's natural you become pretty absorbed by new collections, what "trends" are going around, when the sales hit, and where to find a discount code - I'd advise having a hunt on twitter!

These days, I do my fair share of shopping online. When it is grotty outside, window shopping from the comforts of your bed could not be more tempting. Contrary to causing a heavy blow to my balance balance though, the internet has actually made me thinking more carefully about how I spend my pennies, because I am so easily tempted!

My top tip? Stick everything you see on a Pinterest board, and leave it a week. If you're still thinking about a week later, then you know it's for keeps. If not, well, you can see a thread emerge in what you're lusting over (I can't get over smocks or tartan, apparently) and see what gaps you've got in your wardrobe.

I'm certainly not saying there isn't a time and a place for shopping in person, especially when your destination has so many wonderful independent shops to check out - Sheffield, I'm looking at you - but your feet (and your bank balance) will thank you for doing it a little more strategically, at least every now and again.

A collaborative post | Currently in Whitby, back soon!


  1. I have a WANT board too, I love working my way through it and then wearing it in my 'My Style' board. <3

    Tara xo

  2. I have a wishlist board on pinterest and I find myself adding to it daily haha - its lethal!



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