Thursday, 27 February 2014

OOTD | Marks & Spencer SS14 Styling Part I

Styling Marks and Spencer SS14 | florals and tweed

Aaah Marks and Spencer. How I love you. Not the reserve of the cashmere loving, silver haired shoppers of our high streets, they'll have to make way for us lot since they released their SS14 collection!

The Limited Collection always catches my eye. It's attire for adults - no cut out midrifts here - but it is a million miles away from boring. Take this cocoon coat (yes I'm obsessed) as the perfect example.

Styling Marks and Spencer SS14 | florals and tweedStyling Marks and Spencer SS14 | florals and tweedStyling Marks and Spencer SS14 | florals and tweedStyling Marks and Spencer SS14 | florals and tweedStyling Marks and Spencer SS14 | florals and tweed
Buckle boots - Ark
Blue floral dress - New Look
Cocoon coat - c/o Marks & Spencer
Daisy necklace - c/o Punky Pins

This oversized coat is thick and cosy, well made, and for £79 it's incredibly reasonable considering the quality. I love the detailing that you wouldn't get in other high street stores - the gathered leather cuffs and the soft lining of the pockets make for affordable decadence. I'll be reviewing and styling some of the other SS14 pieces from M&S, so watch this space...

Also, how sweet is this little daisy necklace from Punky Pins? You would be absolutely spoilt for choice on this jewellery website, and many of the designs have a cut out Tatty Devine-esque quality to them too. If anything catches your eye, use the 10% discount at the checkout by quoting JAZZPAD10!

I'm currently sat feeling very sorry for myself, nursing a very sore cheek, as two days after a trip to the dentist my mouth still feels very swollen. Serves me right for being a coffee fiend I suppose, but bloody hell. I'd have a tattoo over a filling any day.


  1. Boo, I hate the dentist. I have to admit, I'm really really impressed with the recent M+S SS14 stuff, though - particularly the bags!

  2. So gorgeous, I may have to add that rock star of a coat to my collection! you bladdy gorgeous thing you! x

  3. gorgeous! I've been eyeing up stuff in their new collections too, lots of pretties! hope your teeth pain goes away soon!xx

  4. Oh my god I love the coat!

    - Natalie [A Fashion and Lifestyle Blog]

  5. love that necklace, I get loads of statement pieces from Punky Pins for Christmas and Halloween xx

  6. I was starting to worry about myself when I started glancing at the clothes in Marks and Spencer's with interest on my way to the Percy Pigs! Still yet to buy anything but they're definitely doing a better job at appealing to us young uns these days!
    The coat looks fab on you :)
    Kaz at Sunshine Days x

  7. wow i love the boots and also your dress to, perfect outfit ! :)

  8. awwww i love the dress and the coat :) really cute combination! xx

  9. I love the dress :) x

  10. i love the dress! and those boots ..oh my.


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