Wednesday, 12 March 2014

OOTD | Lace and jewels

Chi chi lace dress | Fashion blogger outfit post

Today's blog post comes to you from underneath a million blankets, as I'm dosed up to the gills on Benylin. There was me thinking I'd missed the winter flu, and it has struck, with vengeance. Excuse me while I lay a ton of bricks on my chest.

These snaps, on the other hand, were taken when I was muuuuuch better (oh, those days!), and I think may well be the pretty ensemble I've ever put together. There's a girlie girl in me deep down afterall.

Chi chi lace dress | Fashion blogger outfit postChi chi lace dress | Fashion blogger outfit postChi chi lace dress | Fashion blogger outfit postChi chi lace dress | Fashion blogger outfit post
Lace dress worn as skirt - c/o Chi Chi
Black sweater - H&M
Knitted cream collar - c/o Alice Hannah

If there was ever a dress made for prancing around like a princess, it's this one from Chi Chi. The skirt is so voluminous and lush I was twirling around all over the place wearing it! Perhaps not one for popping out to get some milk - but I certainly don't think it's the reserve of posh dos. Teamed with my trusty opaques and a slick of pink lippie, and it's very "me".

Also, how sweet is this knitted collar from Alice Hannah? It's perhaps more bejewelled than I would usually choose, but I think when dressed down with a simple sweater it makes it such a wearable accessory.

More to come this week, when I'm feeling up to it. Heading to Birmingham with some of my mates (oh hai you lot) on Friday to see my teenage favourites Maximo Park - so expect another sweaty, indie photo diary at some point over the weekend!


  1. Love the lace, you look really pretty here - feeel better soon! x

  2. love the lace, you could definitely pull this off with some chunky boots and a biker jacket too. See you on Friday :) xx

  3. This outfit is hella cute!

    Have fun at Maximo Park :)

  4. Feel better soon! I think you look gorgeous xo

  5. Such a cute outfit!
    Also I hope you get better soon! I managed to catch something last week - it was not pretty. Try ginger tea and rest well!

  6. that dress is stunning, so so pretty!

  7. i think maximo park are probably considered retro these days!

    Buckets & Spades

  8. Such a gorgeous outfit, you look very pretty Claire bear!

    Maria xxx

  9. Love the collar! Big fan of 'em. xx


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