Saturday, 15 March 2014

OOTD | Marks & Spencer SS14 Styling Part III

Styling Marks & Spencer SS14 - fluoro florals

Another outfit post for you today - I don't think I've ever done three on the trot!

I'm all scruff today as these snaps were taken on a hasty lunchbreak. When I'm working so hard I don't usually care what I look like, so it's handy to have easy things like these cord dungarees to throw on and concentrate.

Styling Marks & Spencer SS14 - fluoro floralsStyling Marks & Spencer SS14 - fluoro floralsStyling Marks & Spencer SS14 - fluoro floralsStyling Marks & Spencer SS14 - fluoro floralsStyling Marks & Spencer SS14 - fluoro florals
Cord dungaree press - Primark
Blurred floral sweater - c/o Marks & Spencer
Ombre frame glasses - c/o Firmoo
Studded ankle boots - eBay

Last night I danced all night to Maximo Park and remembered just why I love them so much. With weekends like this, it makes me feel really happy about my life and the people in it - such a warm fuzzy feeling! Photo diary to come...


  1. What a fab jumper! Love the dungarees too. Maximo Park are great though I haven't listened to them in ages.

  2. That pinafore is so pretty! Great outfit! :)

  3. That's such a pretty sweater, so perfect for Spring! x

  4. Such a cute outfit, I love your shoes x

  5. i really like your sweater :) brings in a cool touch to the whole outfit :) well done :) xx

  6. You look so CUTE, I really like your specs, i'm on the hunt for a new pair and will deffo be checking firmoo out! xx

  7. You look gorgeous! I love M&S, I always find some real gems and they're such good quality, especially the shoes!
    Thanks for the lovely night on Friday :) Hopefully see you soon! xxx

  8. Love this outfit! I was trying to work out which bit of the outfit was from M&S as I was scrolling down... I'd have never suspected the jumper!
    Sounds like you've had a great weekend, can't go wrong if Maximo Park are involved!
    Kaz at Sunshine Days x

  9. That sweater is amazing! Beautiful look <3

  10. my eyes, my eyes. THAT SWEATER JAZZPAD IS ACTUALLY AMAZING. it looks like something you'd find in a vintage shop, in a good way of course! LOVEIT! xzx

  11. Babe! Hope I get to dance with you soon xx

  12. Such a gorgeous outfit, I love that pinafore!

    Maria xxx


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