Monday, 17 March 2014

Street Style | Transitional Spring

Transitional in Spring 2014

Happy Monday! We've reached that time of year when you wrap up in your knits first thing in the morning, only for the sun to come out midday causing you to melt at your desk. Me anyway!

It's frustrating because I feel like I've forgotten how to dress in the warmer months, and looking at my wardrobe today I don't feel comfortable in anything remotely loose or revealing. Time to pin some inspiration....

I've written before about how this nifty little website makes sense of what I'm craving, and work out which gaps in my wardrobe I need to fill. Looking at my latest pins on my "Inspire" board, I'm clearly not consistent - but neither is our weather!

Pattern | Leopard print isn't going anywhere as far as I'm concerned, I love how they can be the focus of an outfit just as much as the little details, and I'm stocking up on daisy print too!
Colours | It looks like I'm starting to err towards warmer colours, the peaches, the corals and the reds. I still like metallics and it'll take me a while to get thoroughly into pastels - but I'm getting there!
Layers | I guess that's the most logical solution to making sense of this time of year. I'll be sad to relegate my woolly coat collection entirely, but it'll be nice to ditch the opaques!

All images you can find on my Pinterest board

Transitional in Spring 2014

In terms of details, I like the idea of matching accessories, putting more love into my locks, and perhaps even trying mini sewing projects like a contrasting collar!

What are looking to for inspiration this Spring?


  1. I love that leopard print midi and orange heels combo, absolutely delicious!

    Maria xxx

  2. jadore these photos off to check out your pinterest now, which is such a bad idea cos pinterest eats hours out of my day... Im so addicted!! xx

  3. Amazing inspiration! I love the pastel colors on spring and the colored hair!
    I'm now a new follower :)

    Giveaway <3 SHE WALKS Blog

  4. Very inspiring! Great picks dear!

  5. Pink, red and animal print <3 I have a long pink cardy/coat in my latest post 😊 xx

  6. Love all of the street styles, especially the long skirt! x x



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