Saturday, 5 April 2014

OOTD | Flyaway yellows

Sunshine yellow coat

My tendency to dress like a child has become surprisingly sophisticated with this bright yellow coat from Hobbs. But even if I am wearing something from their (rather beautiful) workwear section, I can still feed the ducks and spend all my money on icecream right?
Sunshine yellow coatSunshine yellow coatSunshine yellow coatSunshine yellow coatSunshine yellow coat
Yellow coat - c/o Hobbs
Leather shorts - H&M
Cat/dog shoes - eBay
Floral dress worn as top - c/o SheInside

I haven't worn these leather shorts in SUCH a long time. They used to be my default going out attire, but these days I never go out if you look at my most recent #ootds I'm favouring the longer hem. I'm a bit nervous of wearing them out, tell the truth. Not exactly appropriate for a corporate meeting that's for sure!

What have you lot got planned this weekend? I'm off to buy some mice today after falling for this little chap, how exciting! It's the only pets we can really have in our little home. Leave your suggestions for names below, I'm hankering after Morecombe & Wise or Vic & Bob personally... Watch my Instagram for snaps!


  1. Claire yellow is so your colour! What a beauty of coat!

  2. It such a yummy and cheery colour! I also love those shorts, I can't believe I don't own any leather ones. I need to have a word with myself.

    Tara x

  3. I love this, you look so good in yellow! I saw your instagram of your mice and they are adorable, Vic and Bob are such cute names for them!

  4. This is adorable! I love the jacket ox

  5. Gahhh your so cute! LOVE this outfit so playful and the colour is just so lovely! x

  6. Vic & Bob for sure! You've seen their Fosters Funnies right? Dr Shakamoto rules.

    Nice outfit this Claire, I'm into yellow and orange at the moment.

    Buckets & Spades

  7. Lovely outfit, I love the pop of the mustard coat and top!

  8. Oh I love the colour of that coat, so cheery!

    Julia x

  9. You can pull off yellow, I'm jealous! X

    Luxx Mint

  10. You look beautiful here, so cheery!

    Maria xxx


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