Friday, 11 April 2014

OOTD | Layering up the florals

Floral cami dress | #fbloggers | Jazzpad

Happy Friday folks! Today's outfit post has established that a) I need to get the hang of "layered" dressing when it's arctic in the morning and tropical by lunchtime, and b) I need some new summer bras. Cami dresses pose a difficult problem for those of us with baps bigger than a B cup.
Floral cami dress | #fbloggers | JazzpadFloral cami dress | #fbloggers | JazzpadFloral cami dress | #fbloggers | JazzpadFloral cami dress | #fbloggers | Jazzpad
Cami swing dress - c/o Fashion Union - now in the sale!
Buckle boots - eBay
Grey long sleeve top - c/o Black White Denim
Black leggings - H&M
Long chain star necklace - gift

Stuffing aside, I think this is possibly one of my favourite outfit posts to date. And that is hugely in part to my birthday present necklace from superwoman Kate (thanks love), and this new cami swing dress from Fashion Union.

I'm a bit scared of strappy dresses. I like support. I like bare legs not bare shoulders. I'm not really sure where this phobia has come from but I seriously need to address it if I have any chance of my collarbones getting their fare share of Vitamin D this year.

For now I can happily layer with this ridiculously soft grey top from new independent label Black White Denim. They're touted as being THE jersey brand to watch, and I can believe that - I've been encouraging friends, family, and quite frankly passers by to stroke my arm this week, so soft!

Right. Off to spoil the boyf rotten for his birthday on Sunday. TTFN!


  1. Love the layering in this outfit and that dress is super cute xx

  2. Love that dress <3 <3

  3. Love the Swing dress hun...needed! xx

  4. looking like a lovely 90s babe here.Hope you and Liam have a nice weekend xx

  5. Suits you, reckon this will be a bit of a go-to when you can't be bothered thinking about faffing with outfits?

    Buckets & Spades

  6. This is gorgeous! You look stunning xo

  7. I love cami dresses but I too hate showing off my shoulders. Fab post x

  8. Love this dress and how you've styled it! x

  9. ahhh love this outfit - Your dress and long sleeve grey top look perfect together!

    Beautifully styled

    Taz and Bear

  10. Hope Liam had fun on his birthday, you look ace here, I love the grungey 90s feel!

    Maria xxx

  11. Love the dress so much! It's perfect layered with that little grey tee - I agree, BWD make the softest tees ever!


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