Monday, 7 April 2014

Sharing the love | Mulberry style

Blog love | Mulberry fashion bloggers

I've been doing this blogging thing a long time, and over the years I've been lucky enough to get to know some excellent ladies and gents. There are SO many talented writers, photographers, stylists and all round creatives out there it would take me WEEKS to share all of my favourites with you, but here's a start.

My last "Blog Love" post seemed to go down pretty well, so here's round 2 featuring some ladies you should definitely be following, who I noticed all share a penchant for a certain accessory...

First of all can we just talk about Kim's beautiful hair?! If my locks ever get to that length I could only dream of curls as lovely as that. Fan girling aside, Kim's blog "Love Cloth" is a treat for the eyes. She's got fantastic style and manages to pull off that girl next door style without it being boring (which I am RUBBISH at). Kudos to you, sister.

I've met Megan once or twice and she's actually a proper lovely lass in person too! Experimental, blimmin' gorgeous and she can rock a baker boy hat like it's 1995. If you're looking for monochrome style inspiration she's your girl, and her photography on "Pages by Megan" is just superb too. Repping for the North!

Last but by no means least, I would be incredibly shocked if you weren't already a fan of "What Olivia Did", written by Liv. As well as impeccable style, her music reviews are a treat to read (and definitely inspire multiple late night browsing on Spotify for new tunes) and her recipes are certain to encourage a trip to the shops for ingredients.

I have been in love with Alexas for a long time. Seriously, a long time. In my mind, it corresponds when I first started getting interested in clothes. I had dozens of torn out campaigns of Miss Chung on my teenage walls, and shopped for ditsy tea dresses and chelsea boots to be just like her. I could only dream of buying one of the Mulberry pieces at Harrods, perhaps the Alexa in the classic tan, naturally, then came along Florence and my love of print grew even more!

In homage to this timeless satchel (which, I have since learned sits in a family of other Mulberry beauties including the Lily which would be just the right size for my nights out, hint hint), I implore you check out Kim, Megan, and Olivia's blogs. They all style their Mulberrys differently of course, but they're always an inspiring read even without the designer labels!

Which blogs are you coveting at the moment?


  1. I can't thank you enough for the feature, it means the world to me! Claire, you're a love and we must meet up soon! xx

  2. Love posts like this, finding new bloggers is always good! Loved 'Pages By Megan' already :-) xx

  3. These picks are perfect! I love Megan and Olivia, but hadn't seen Kim's blog before so thanks for sharing!

    Fox & Feather

  4. I've never come across Megan or Kim's blog before so thanks so much for enlightening me! Only had a quick look but loving what I see already.

    Mags x

    (My latest post ** Head to Toe in Cloud Print **)


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