Friday, 23 May 2014

Photo diary #18 | Festival season

It's about time I announced I'm only off to bloomin' Wireless festival this year! That's right, a glorious weekend with these two badasses and, er, Robin Thicke. Personally, I'm more excited for Basement Jaxx, and a chance to wear this little number, if the sun shines. 

I thought, in preparation for this, I'd share some of my most memorable festival experiences, and what I love about camping under the stars, drinking too much cider and getting to see some of my favourite bands. It's not exactly a recent photo diary, but these snaps don't half make me smile...

You can never really get away from mud at a festival can you?

The first ever festival I actually went to was Summer Sundae, which is a now defunct mini festival in Leicester. I went two years on the trot with my Dad, and was lucky enough to see The Divine Comedy, Magic Numbers, Howling Bells, Pigeon Detectives, Guillemots, The Proclaimers (…) and a whole host of other early noughties indie rock bands. It was quite a family friendly event so, aged 13, it was a great experience to the world of festivals and it’s SUCH a shame it doesn’t exist anymore!

Next I went to Latitude, which, I’ll be honest, wasn’t as successful as I would have hoped. Back in 2010 Latitude was growing, which meant so many logistical problems with letting people in (no free roaming into the small hours like Glasto!). It was also the year two girls were assaulted in the woods, and I was so ridiculously poorly I had to go back to the tent to vomit (sorry) half way through Florence’s set. As anyone who knows me well knows, this is a Big Deal. It’s Flo, for crying out loud.

Glastonbury was more of a success. I was absolutely gobsmacked at the size of the festival and I got lost on more than one occasion, but I loved the atmosphere and the fact I saw SO many incredible musicians in 36 hours. Beyonce definitely stole the show though. I mean, who can top Queen Bey?

Last year was arguably my best festival experience to date. I learned not to knock the smaller fests, as Y Not was the most fun, least catastrophic (though an storm evacuation was pretty terrifying) and I saw my all time favourite hip hop poet Mr Scroobius Pip. The memory of him performing while lightening was raging outside will never leave me.

So Wireless is going to be a new experience for me. I’ve never been to pop or RnB festival before – I’m usually an indie kid! – but I’m SO looking forward to it. Watch this space for more photos!

What festivals have you been? Share your memories!


  1. I didn't even know Wireless was an RnB festival, I assumed it was acrostic? Shows how much I know these days. I like the small ones, never actually been to a big one.

    Buckets & Spades

  2. Love your festival stories! I've only ever been to V Festival because it is literally down the road from where I live... but I just can't handle the mud! I take my hat off to you missy! xx

  3. cute photos!

  4. Loving all these photos of happy festival memories, cider in the sunshine is definitely the best way to spend a weekend! Prior to last year we went to End of the Road festival for three years in a row, which is absolutely amazing, lots of folk bands and yummy food and a real chilled atmosphere. Next I really fancy Wilderness Festival (big food banquets and a lakeside spa - what more could you want!) but it won't be this year as it falls on my birthday weekend and we already have plans. Hope you enjoy Wireless, the lineup is amazing, would LOVE to see Drake live! xo

    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook

  5. Looks like you had a great week! :) Love the festival photos.
    xx Diana

  6. Wireless looks awesome this year, I wish I could afford to go! Also, so jealous you got to see The Kills - they are incredible live, I hope they do another UK tour soon! xx

  7. We go to Download festival at donnington every year and came back last week. The headliners this year were Avenaged sevenfold, linkin park and aerosmith. Festivals are always great fun Ive had so many amazing experiences so far. Jealous you saw Divine Comedy back in the day though! :)


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