Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Wishing through Spring

It's been a while since I did a wishlist! My online window shopping usually happens when I'm trying to save my pennies (can anyone sympathise?), but there's a good deal of relief that can happen from putting together dream outfits.

The last few things I've pinned seem to be pretty beach inspired. I'm not going abroad until September (Croatia baybeh!) but I am going on a canal about in a couple of weeks, that definitely counts right?

1. Anchor necklace, adorable! - ASOS
2. I need a denim smock dress in my life - New Look
3. No idea why I threw out my breton cami but I love this one - Next
4. White sandals, which I'll only wear when I'm tanned - StylistPick
5. Can't express how much I love this orange backpack - River Island

What are you after at the moment?


  1. this orange rucksack is the most amazing one ive ever seen! :) love your wishlist :) xx

  2. i need that cami in my life! give me breton stripes and i'm good!

  3. Oh hey I have those sandals in black! They are the comfiest thing i've ever worn - so you need to get them 'kay? xx

  4. That stripy top is lush! I am so excited to be going on holiday soon, I keep trying jazzy shorts on!

    Maria xxx

  5. Love the backpack! I have a thing for them at the minute x

  6. That orange backpack is unreal!

    Lily x


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