Tuesday, 10 June 2014

A trip to Boux Avenue

Hands up - who's as bad as getting fitted as I am? I thought so. It's one of those things that you sort of know you should do fairly regularly, like eat your five-a-day, but, as yet, your boobs haven't fallen off, so you prefer to spend your weekends eating waffles, rather than being semi nekkid with some woman you've never met.

What if I told you that getting fitted didn't have to be such of a chore? I popped into Boux Avenue in the Meadowhall on Saturday (brave, I know) to meet Charlotte for a tour. 

First things first, the store is bloomin' beautiful. I thought Boux might not be exactly my cup of tea. I like my undies pretty and plentiful thanks - no string here - but I was pleasantly surprised by the styles on offer. With soft lighting, smiley assistants and the most gorgeous dressing rooms with antique telephones(!) to call for more sizes, I felt very comfortable and really well looked after.

Charlotte and I first of all had a chat about the sort of styles I go for, and my experience with lingerie fittings. I was brought up on good ol' M&S, but had dabbled with other brands too, including Panache. I was pretty certain I'd be a different size as it's common knowledge every brand can feel and fit differently, but even with a new number and letter on my chest (literally) the three pieces I tried on fit like a dream. I was lucky in that Charlotte and I had quite similar skin tone, so she'd been an absolute dream and picked out colours she knew would suit me. What a doll!

When you're semi naked in front of someone you don't know, it can be pretty nerve-wracking. I'm nowhere near as tense as I used to be, but at Boux I was made to feel so relaxed at home, I felt in a much happier position to choose my favourites.

In the end, I came away with this stunning longline set (c/o) which, I'm not going to lie, I've been prancing about in all weekend. It's testament to lingerie being sexy without being overtly RED AND RIBBONS AND NIPPLES which is just not my thing whatsoever. I can wear this with it peeking out behind a shirt, giving the impression without giving it all away. Which is the mystery of lingerie, right?

A big thank you to Charlotte, Camilla and the whole Boux Avenue team for setting up this tour for me - I'm a firm convert to the brand and you can guarantee I'll be back!

Are you a Boux Avenue fan?


  1. I've never checked out Boux Avenue before, I didn't know they did such pretty stuff! Love what you chose, it's so cute x

    Josie’s Journal

  2. I love Boux Avenue, it's such a lovely place to shop. The pajamas from there are just so comfy.
    Rubi x
    The Den

  3. i love this set - so much so that after you put up your instagram snap, i totally went to boux avenue to try a black longline bra on - although i couldn't maneuver in it.. so i gave up! xx

  4. I've recently lost a load of weight and have been putting off getting measured 'cause I know I'm not going to be a DD anymore, realistically I'm not even a B anymore. Boux Ave has always been my favorite though - hopefully when I do get around to getting measured their beautiful range of undies will soften the blow of my serious loss of cleavage!

  5. Gorgeous post! Gorgeous undies! I can testify that the pyjamas and dressing gowns from Boux Ave are both stylish and comfortable. So, so comfortable. Haven't tried their lingerie yet but you've inspired me lovely lady. I really should.

    With love and pouts, Katie /Pouting In Heels x

    P.S I love the vintage telephone thang too! Fabulous!

  6. Boux Avenue are gorgeous, I love their pyjamas too :)

    Maria xxx

  7. I love Boux Avenue and think they're changing rooms are amazing, I've been measured at a few places but this is one of my favourites. Such pretty underwear!

  8. I have never been to Boux Avenue! Will definitely have to check it out :)
    EmsAlice // Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


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