Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Make mine a mix tape

For as long as I can remember, I've made mixes. We're talking before the days of Spotify and iPod shuffles - tapes, handscribbled track listings, and occasionally a photograph or letter. The works!

When I think back to my history of mixes (usually, given to those special boys who make your heart beat faster) it makes me smile to think how my tastes have changed. Music is a reminder, of the things you went through, the people you knew and the places you met.

Looking at my current go-to artists, I have a feeling the soundtrack of my summer is going to be pretty awesome...

Metronomy - The LookAparently these guys have been around for years but I've only become a fan fairly recently. "The Look" is srsly catchy - I dare you to listen and not have it in your head for the rest of the day! I saw them live a few months ago and though they didn't exactly blow me away, they're just perfect performers and the drummer is stunning, that hair!

The Horrors - Still Life
Last year, watching these in the driving rain was, strangely a definite summer highlight for me. I wasn't ever into their early stuff, Counting in Fives was a bit too mental for my tastes, but "Still Life" is beautiful and really meant a lot to me when it first came out, and completely echoed how I was feeling.

Temples - Colours to Life
If you're a throwback T Rex fan, this band is for you. With big hair, psychadelic videos and loooovely harmonic rifts, it's a great listen and they're fab live too.

Daniel Avery - Drone Logic
Aaaah I cannot describe how much I love this song. I've always had a soft spot for crazy electro (blame it on my trip to Berlin) and this just hits the spot. It's the only track I've heard from Mr Avery so I'll definitely be seeking out some more of his stuff. I can only hope it's as good as this!

Jagwar Ma - Man I Need
My other half introduced me to these guys, and I'm super glad he did! I think of them in a similar category to Bombay Bicycle Club, there's snufflings of Modest Mouse in there and I still get them mixed up with Cloud Control. Despite that, this song is lovely and I can't wait to catch them live at some point later this year.

Teleman - Cristina
Last but by no means least, this song has been on repeat for at least the past four months. From the slow build up, to the crisp vocals, I love all of this. You might not be able to dance to Teleman in the traditional sense, but I think they make really exciting music unlike anything else - it gets my voite!

All of these artists are playing at Field Day Festival, and if any of you are going (be quick!) you could check out Hotel Direct's listings to sleep off a heavy one. When I head to Wireless later this month I've got three nights in a warm bed, a cooked breakfast and... drum roll... actual toilets! Talk about glamping.

This weekend I'm heading to Sheffield for some much needed catch ups with my university pals, so while I won't be in a field listening to live music, I can guarantee I'll be giggling and dancing til the sun comes up. Love life at the moment!

This post is collaborative, but as always, all opinions, memories and witterings are my own.

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  1. Seeing The Horrors play Still Life live is a huge highlight of the past two summers for me (they toured Skying for aaaages) Have you listened to the new album? Bit disappointed that they haven't moved on a bit but there are some great tracks on it xx


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