Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Chilling out with #DolceGustoBlogger

Dolce Gusto machine

I've been savouring the simple things in life lately. A good book, a phone call with my mum, and a cup of coffee.

Dolce Gusto machine

Lovely lady miss Gem picked up on this and asked if I wanted to review a Dolce Gusto machine. Now, I'm a former Barista with high standards and an ambition to own my own little slice of the high street one day - so I was dubious at first.

Dubious, and baffled. I understand the shots to milk ratio and the steam arm and the temperature of manual machines. This definitely threw me at first. All you do is put in the pod, change the setting according to the label and push the "on" button. That's it! I was expecting a catch, a mess, a cold bitter cup of brown not-quite-milk, but...

It was actually delicious. I've tried the cappuccino, the latte macchiato and the chai tea, and srsly guys, I'm converted. I'll never completely give up the manual machines (truth be told, I'm looking at another machine to experiment with ground coffee) but this is a great alternative for the fuss-free coffee drinker.

I pretty much spent all of Sunday sat on my bottom, mug in hand, book in the other. I entirely blame Dolce Gusto but in truth I was really grateful for it. If you spare a moment, check out the Pod on Facebook for all kinds of coffee fun!

I'm not sure whether I've got withdrawal symptoms from missing my friends or pre-holiday blues (it's not for 2 months people), but stuff just hasn't felt right lately. I'm bored of feeling like I'm the only one who makes any effort, my day job is essentially about pleasing other people and at the risk of sounding overdramatic I'm getting a little disillusioned with it all. I'm going to join a netball club I think, claw some passion back.

I'll have more fun stuff to report on next week when I've cheered myself up, I promise!


  1. Claire if you ever need to chat i'm here! Netball club sounds like a good bet especially now the sun is shining!

  2. Come and work in libraries and enable world leading drug research wooooo Do something you love Claire, I know you would make a success of whatever you do xx

  3. Sometimes you need to step back from your work life and switch off, it's easier said than done though isn't it. Netball sounds like a great start. Curious about this machine, it's pretty nifty looking. Mine is almost too techy, too much going on. I bought a caferier the other day, nice 'n' simple!

    Buckets & Spades


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