Friday, 11 July 2014

Wireless Festival | Birmingham

At the start of this year I didn't think I'd be heading to any festivals. I wasn't lucky enough to get a Glastonbury ticket, Latitude felt too expensive and to be quite honest I was happier saving my pennies for Croatia. As much as I love the music at festivals, the camping gets me down and it can be incredibly stressful if you're prone to losing everyone, like me. I had thought gigs would be my thang, this year.

Imagine my glee when I was contacted by Wireless Festival - recently started at Birmingham as 3 one-day festivals sans camping - with a chance to attend, along with my best pals! Uh, yeah? Here's my photo diary...

Wireless Birmingham

Can we just talk about how HOT Iggy Azalea is? Ok? Right. It's out of my system now, I promise.

It might not have been my muisic of choice (Kanye was shocking) but it's surprising how many of the songs you do know when you're in a tent blasting it out.

Highlights: dancing my butt off to Basement Jaxx and Outkast, being pleasantly surprised with how much I loved Lizzo, and the festival food! The queues to the bar and toilets were super short, always a bonus in my book, and no matter where I stood I could always see the stage and the acts really clearly. It didn't strike me that it was particularly busy, though I don't know if tickets were sold out. Also - realising I have an epic crush on Bruno Mars was a revelation. That man can dance!

Lowlights: Epic hotel drama. This isn't really relevant to the festival, but given you have no choice but to stay elsewhere, I'd definitely advise you look at hotels carefully.

So thanks, Wireless and Livenation - you gave me a weekend with my besties I'll needed very much, and I'll remember it forever!


  1. uh oh, hotel drama is never good. I always have more fun at festivals where the music isn't strictly 'my thing' because I'm not worried about missing bands I want to see and it all seems more relaxed xx

  2. Oh wow looks like you had such a fab weekend Claire!

  3. Oh man, I'm so jealous! Would kill to see Iggy (and yes, oh my god, she is one stunning lady).
    Looks like you had a brilliant weekend.

    Jayde |

  4. Hotel drama is the worst but it always seems evident on a trip unfortunately. The rest of Wireless sounds amazing, glad you had such a good time in the end! x

  5. Looks so much fun! I personally love the camping :D went to isle of wight this year, nicest best festival I've been too 100% gonna go next year! x
    amber love

  6. Fab photo's! I went too and it was so great! Iggy is insanely hawt and my crush on Bruno came out too! Those moves. WOW! XO

  7. Beautiful post, with fantastic photo.

  8. I've never even heard of Iggy Azalea, how old do I feel now!

    Buckets & Spades


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